Love Your Leader, and they will love you back!

By Suzanne F Stevens | January 25, 2017 Imagine: you are a very accomplished woman who has built a very well respected organization.  Your efforts produce a marketable business that is eventually bought out by a larger institution. After preparing for the next phase of the company’s development, you step down from your role, and…

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Why? A question for all society – Commissioner Gawanas suggests

Bience Gawanas & Suzanne F Stevens

By Suzanne F Stevens | January 18, 2017 For the past eleven years I have taught the most powerful word a salesperson could ask a prospect or client: ‘Why?’ ‘Why is that?’ ‘Tell me why that is?’ These questions had two purposes: To gain a complete understanding of how a prospect/ client makes decisions. By…

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From Competition to Collaboration: The evolution of African women owned businesses

jennifer riria & suzanne f stevens

By Suzanne F Stevens | January 11, 2017 During my interview with Dr. Jennifer Riria, Group CEO, Kenya Women Holding, on Wisdom Exchange TV, she spoke of a mentorship program she implemented in Kenya that was unsuccessful. The concept was for a well-established African business to mentor women in grassroots businesses while these women contributed…

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In Pursuit of Purpose

finding purpose

By Suzanne F Stevens | January 4, 2017 After interviewing 26 women for Wisdom Exchange TV, a web-enabled platform, I am compelled to delve into the fire in their belly that motivates these women to be a trailblazer in their field of expertise. In my pursuit of sharing the insights of successful women, I continuously…

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Story Ideas

We would be happy to brainstorm story options with you regarding any related topics to YouMeWe and conscious contributions to society. Connect with Suzanne F. Stevens at 416.570.6557 or email and she would be happy to help to meet your deadline and/or with story ideas. Some ideas … • Is your contribution helping or…

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