Are you hosting an event for entrepreneurs or leaders?

suzanne f stevens

Are you planning a meeting, conference, or event for leaders or entrepreneurs? Do they want to attract and retain employees? Gain more clients or customers? Connect with new collaborators? Increase their social impact? Or do they just want to live their most meaningful life? I can help with your event planning.

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Random Acts of Kindness, not so kind

smile, be kind posit notes

By Suzanne F Stevens | April 5, 2017 Our Association leadership team was in a mall, racing against a clock. Our goal, to accomplish as many random acts of kindness within an hour. As we poured through the list of kindness activities provided through an interactive app, we assessed the most efficient way to be…

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welcome to the news feed

suzanne f stevens keynote speaker youmewe

Suzanne F. Stevens, CSP,  After 17 years changes the focus of her Speaking business – to be less about Me and more about We. Suzanne F. Stevens ignites leaders & entrepreneurs to cultivate cultures of community conscious contributions™. Suzanne is a social entrepreneur, international speaker, pioneer, host, philanthropist, and soon to be an author. In 2016, thirteen years after founding…

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Enough with the Empathy!


By Suzanne F Stevens | March 29, 2017 Have you ever been in a situation where had a cough, your relationship broke-up or lost a love one? You shared with someone that things have been a challenge, and they instantly try to empathize with you. “I remember when I was sick, I…” “I remember when…

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How big is your backyard? Where do you Give?

refugees are human beings

By Suzanne F Stevens | March 22, 2017 With the recent events happening around the world: the refugee crisis, the Paris terrorist attacks, the hostage-taking in Mali … I can’t help but wonder how each of us feels we are affected by these events? Prior to the latter two tragedies, I had posted on my…

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Is your giving about the Messenger or the Mission?

christmas tree

By Suzanne F Stevens | March 15, 2017 As the holiday season comes to an end I can’t help but reflect on what that time of year means. In a word…giving. Giving of gifts, time, love and donations to people and initiatives we care about. But sometimes, we are just giving for the sake of…

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Out with Volunteers and in with Professional Contributors!


By Suzanne F Stevens | March 8, 2017 Do you volunteer for your professional association or do you professionally contribute? Volunteers at professional associations often vet me to speak at their conferences, I proudly have served on several association boards and presently serve on National Board of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS). I…

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What’s Your Kinditude?

whats your kinditude?

By Suzanne F Stevens | March 1, 2017 As I started my Christmas shopping on the weekend, it continues to amaze me the diverse customer experience you can have from one store to the next. The first store I was completely ignored by two staff. The second, treated rudely. The third, engaged in friendly conversation.…

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I AM HERE. Lead tomorrow’s legacy today

i am here

By Suzanne F Stevens | Februray 22, 2017 It was my 42nd Birthday, and by all accounts I had everything. A wonderful home, a great career, good health, good friends and family and a loving husband. Somehow it was not enough. I turned to my husband and I just starting to cry my eyes out.…

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Are we helping or hurting?

By Suzanne F Stevens | February 15, 2017 While travelling in Africa last year, we often found ourselves asking the question: are we helping or hurting? We had just come back from hiking the Virgunga Mountains in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda and witnessing a family of gorillas; a highly anticipated experience. Our euphoric experience…

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