What’s Your Kinditude?

whats your kinditude?

By Suzanne F Stevens | March 1, 2017 As I started my Christmas shopping on the weekend, it continues to amaze me the diverse customer experience you can have from one store to the next. The first store I was completely ignored by two staff. The second, treated rudely. The third, engaged in friendly conversation.…

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I AM HERE. Lead tomorrow’s legacy today

i am here

By Suzanne F Stevens | Februray 22, 2017 It was my 42nd Birthday, and by all accounts I had everything. A wonderful home, a great career, good health, good friends and family and a loving husband. Somehow it was not enough. I turned to my husband and I just starting to cry my eyes out.…

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Are we helping or hurting?

By Suzanne F Stevens | February 15, 2017 While travelling in Africa last year, we often found ourselves asking the question: are we helping or hurting? We had just come back from hiking the Virgunga Mountains in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda and witnessing a family of gorillas; a highly anticipated experience. Our euphoric experience…

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Foundations of Influence Series (#1): What our Mother says

By Suzanne F Stevens | February 1, 2017 When we look back on our life and we ask the philosophic question: “Why did I turn out the way I did?” Inevitably the answer almost always lies with how we were brought up. More specifically, what our mother did or did not do. Or what they…

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Foundations of Influence (#2): Kindness will Kindle African Karma

simien mountains, ethiopia

By Suzanne F Stevens | February 8, 2017 Traveling through Africa for over a year this trip has provided me with more understanding to expectations of societies and how people interact with visitors. Ethiopia is a country that vastly surpassed my expectations; it is breathtaking particularly in Mescal flowers season (Oct to Nov) when they…

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Love Your Leader, and they will love you back!

By Suzanne F Stevens | January 25, 2017 Imagine: you are a very accomplished woman who has built a very well respected organization.  Your efforts produce a marketable business that is eventually bought out by a larger institution. After preparing for the next phase of the company’s development, you step down from your role, and…

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Why? A question for all society – Commissioner Gawanas suggests

Bience Gawanas & Suzanne F Stevens

By Suzanne F Stevens | January 18, 2017 For the past eleven years I have taught the most powerful word a salesperson could ask a prospect or client: ‘Why?’ ‘Why is that?’ ‘Tell me why that is?’ These questions had two purposes: To gain a complete understanding of how a prospect/ client makes decisions. By…

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From Competition to Collaboration: The evolution of African women owned businesses

jennifer riria & suzanne f stevens

By Suzanne F Stevens | January 11, 2017 During my interview with Dr. Jennifer Riria, Group CEO, Kenya Women Holding, on Wisdom Exchange TV, she spoke of a mentorship program she implemented in Kenya that was unsuccessful. The concept was for a well-established African business to mentor women in grassroots businesses while these women contributed…

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In Pursuit of Purpose

finding purpose

By Suzanne F Stevens | January 4, 2017 After interviewing 26 women for Wisdom Exchange TV, a web-enabled platform, I am compelled to delve into the fire in their belly that motivates these women to be a trailblazer in their field of expertise. In my pursuit of sharing the insights of successful women, I continuously…

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Leadership from the Animal Kingdom. Is it the right style for your organization or its stage of development?

wildebeest leadership

By Suzanne F Stevens | December 14, 2016 Looking out on Kenya’s famous game reserve, the Masai Mara, at the millions of wildebeest, I could not help but be intrigued by their behaviour. To watch the wildebeest  roam the vast open space with no semblance of order, to all of a sudden fall in line…

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