Guilt: Women’s heavy burden to bear

katherine ichoya & suzanne f stevens

By Suzanne F Stevens | December 7, 2016 Wisdom Exchange TV interview at Africa International University, Nairori, Kenya Recently I interviewed Katherine Ichoya, the Executive Director of FEMCOM (French for Federation of National Associations of Women in Business in Eastern and Southern Africa), for Wisdom Exchange TV. I couldn’t help but be affected by her…

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To Be, or Not To Be (serious that is)?

By Suzanne F Stevens | November 30, 2016 Recently on Wisdom Exchange TV, two women I interviewed provided the same advice: “As a leader, you must not take life too seriously.” Some of the leadership gurus, such as Jim Collins, also endorse this sentiment. He talks about Level Five leadership, which is when someone doesn’t…

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From Comfort to Compassion – A Natural Evolution Realized

Hanne Hwoard & Ted Horton - Hanne Howard Fund

By Suzanne F Stevens |  November 23, 2016 Everyday Living – At the Hanne Howard and Ted Horton funded community for children, we were watching the children do their crafts, playing, conversing and looking you in the eye when they speak, you quickly recognize that they have been brought up with good values, and etiquette.…

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