How can your passion empower you?

Suzanne F. Stevens, Empower your passion

Suzanne F. Stevens, Empower your passionPart of the Explore your Why – 9 part series

Since 2000, I’ve worked with organisations on how to develop communications skills to assist them in influence more people, differentiating themselves and engaging more business and teams.

When conducting presentation training, I give participants an opportunity to present about a topic they are passionate. The subject could be personal or work related. Regardless of their chose, the audience observes a transformation of the presenter. Comments such as “I have never seen you so passionate” or “your style completely changed” or “you are much more authoritative” and in some cases, “you or more direct, than I ever seen you.”

This transformation occurs when someone is passionate about a situation or outcome. It often gets misconstrued as a communication or personality trait. In fact, it is just a subject matter that has motivated the presenter to escalate their intensity. If they were to step out of the passionate topic, they would morph back into their natural communication style.

Empower your purpose with focused passion. Passion emanates from a combination of being, empathy, love, inner strengths, environment, and your values.

Passion is the intense desire and enthusiasm and will empower your purpose. It is deep in your belly, and it will empower you to do what others never thought could be done. It helps you stay the course when obstacles seem insurmountable. It will carve through any shame people attempt to bestow on you. It will make you endure when the mountain is so high, and the criticism is constant. It will make you feel rich, even if you are poor. It will make you feel supported, even if you are alone. It is your passion for your purpose, which will imbue you with courage.

When your purpose leads you to lobby for those that don’t have a voice – your passion will motivate you to persevere. When your purpose leads you to protect those that do have a voice but continue to be abused – your passion will motivate you to persevere. When your purpose leads to anyone suppressing another’s rights – your passion will motivate you to persevere.

One of the best ways to discover your passion is to expose yourself to different opportunities. Through this Explore your Why series, I’ve suggested exploring various avenues of contributing. One of the benefits is you may eventually activate your brain passion centre. Known as the ventral striatum, in combination with amygdala –brains emotional centre, according to Journal of Neuroscience. If enabled you will continue to seek opportunities to contribute in line with your passion, ultimately bringing you the most meaning and fulfilment.

A word of caution: passion can be the fuel to keep you going, but it can also empty your tank and leave you stranded.  Emptiness happens when we give too much of yourselves at the expense of rational discourse and self-care.

Be empowered, and focus your passion. Consider who me be and what your values are to keep that intensity directed for good. Your consciousness can lead you to make a transformational social or environmental change.


Until next time, make your contributions count!

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