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How does Suzanne help our event be a success?

How does Suzanne help our event be a success?

Suzanne collaborates with you to help promote a successful event. This is what she will do:

Pre-event - tailored to your audience

  1. All keynotes and sessions are tailored to the audience, organization, conference, and event objectives.
  2. Suzanne will provide you well in advance of your event, with an introduction, marketing material, equipment and set-up requirements.
  3. Suzanne will support you in your event promotional activities by providing a short- customized intro video, shout-outs on social media, and a pre or post newsletter article.

During Event

  1. Arrive early enough to do a sound check that is not disruptive to the event.
  2. Arrive a minimum of an hour and a half prior to speaking.
  3. If the event is a conference, Suzanne will often arrive the day before, or in plenty of time to meet the audience and listen to previous speakers to incorporate major themes. She will also attend a social gathering if appropriate.
  4. Stay after her talk to answer any further questions.
  5. Make contact information available for further discussion.
  6. Give a high-energy presentation that is thought- provoking, interactive while respecting your cultural uniqueness.
  7. Provide handouts in support of concepts shared.
  8. Stay within your schedule.

Post Event

  1. Provide a summary of key points in the talk or provide additional tools to assist with the implementation of key points and/or an article for your newsletter highlighting key points of the talk.

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