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Your contribution counts!

Share your conscious-contributions
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Make your contribution count -TWICE!

Have you given your time, insight, energy, or donated to community initiative?

Or have you purchased a product or service because the organization is doing social good or is environmentally conscious?

Or created or participated in an initiative that would have a positive impact on the community.

Or helped someone feel empowered?

Or have you collaborated with an organization because of its positive community impact?

Well you are a conscious-contributor!


For every 25 conscious-contributions™ shared – YouMeWe will invest $25 in an individual seeking a micro-loan for business or education through the Kiva.org program. Kiva provides micro-loans that change lives. By lending as little as $25, we can help people around the world create opportunity for themselves and their communities.

All you need to do to make your contribution count (again) is list your conscious-contribution™ below. Include, what you did, for whom, and which country you live in, i.e. Canada/US/Uganda/Thailand. Add where you would like us to invest on your behalf, i.e. Kenya. Then add two tags: #MyContributionCounts #YouMeWeMovement. Lastly, check the Facebook share button.

For every 25 posts, YouMeWe will invest in an individual from the most requested country. (Note: assuming we have access to invest in that country through the Kiva program.)

Log a different contribution once a month, once a week, or one a day day. Bookmark youmewe.ca/my-contribution-counts-2/ making it easy to share your small or big contributions. All contributions count towards creating a caring & inclusive world.

Got it? Now share it!

yes no maybe?

yes no maybe?

What is a contribution? A contribution is simple – it could be donating, educating, helping, being kind, volunteering.

What is a conscious-contribution™?
[These are what we will count] – It is taking an extra step, two, or three, to consider the impact of your contribution to the beneficiary and community as a whole.

What is a conscious-contribution™?  Ask yourself, what impact could or will my contribution have? Will it promote dependency or opportunity?

  • Donating clothes? Where are they going? Will it sabotage an industry?
  • Drinking with a straw? Will it be recycled or end up in landfill? Really?
  • Donating money to a worthy cause? How will they become sustainable?
  • Volunteering at a lion sanctuary in South Africa? Canned hunting is rampant; lions are bred to be hunted by tourist-hunters.
  • Building a school internationally? Who's job am I taking?
  • Providing Christmas dinner to a family in need? Who delivers it? Am I the hero, or the parent? What impacts will that have?
  • Buying a product from a social enterprise or company? Who are the beneficiaries? Do I support who or what they contribute to?
  • Giving money to a child in a developing country? How could I better use my funds for sustainability? [Hint: donate to organizations who have transparent structures in place to contribute to many. i.e provide dollars or books to a school.]
  • Donating to a refugee crisis? What do they need? [Hint, your donation of used clothes can bog down the system.]
  • Giving money to a person on the street? What am I perpetuating - dependency or opportunity?
  • Leaving the tap running while shaving? Watering your grass…again? Freshwater will never be an issue, said Cape Town.
  • Want to be a mentor? Who could benefit? Big brothers and sister always can use qualified mentors.

Log your Conscious-Contribution™ 


I donated my gently used suits to Dress for Success in Barrie, Ontario, to help women re-enter the workforce. From Canada - invest in Kenya. #MyContributionCounts #YouMeWeMovement


I mentored a boy today through the Big Brother, Big Sister Program. Great conversation about how bullying is never the solution. From Calgary - invest in Peru. #MyContributionCounts #YouMeWeMovement.

Collective impact is possible thru small, individual actions. Everyone has a role to play.
Make your contribution count and share it below.

Help spread the participation and impact.
When posting include:

  • Post your conscious-contribution™ to the community, what you did for whom.
  • Add which country you are from? i.e. From Canada
  • Add which country you would like YouMeWe to invest in, on your behalf, i.e. invest in Kenya.
  • Then add two tags: #MyContributionCounts #YouMeWeMovement.
  • Lastly, CHECK the Facebook share button.

AWESOME - you made your contribution count AGAIN!

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