Story Ideas

We would be happy to brainstorm story options with you regarding any related topics to YouMeWe and conscious contributions to society. Connect with Suzanne F. Stevens at 416.570.6557 or email and she would be happy to help to meet your deadline and/or with story ideas.

Some ideas …
• Is your contribution helping or hurting?
• The west can learn a thing or two from African women pioneers
• The future of WE and why you should care
• A contribution movement, where equality is at the core
• Investing in women in tertiary education in developing countries; the best social investment


TIAW Awards Suzanne F Stevens Michael K Gingerich TIAWSuzanne F. Stevens cultivates globally solutions to conscious contributions™ in individuals seeking a more meaningful life – in effect, to lead tomorrow’s legacy today. The inspirations of the YouMeWe are interviews with pioneering African women. YouMeWe social enterprise celebrates, cultivates and co-creates the YouMeWe mindset in all keynotes, capacity building sessions, events, resources and the movement. YouMeWe: lead tomorrow’s legacy today – book due out in winter 2018







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