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The key to unlocking potential 
or an omission that will sabotage performance

Thank you. Two words that have become taken for granted in a world that far to often looks at what we are getting, rather than what we are giving. Those two words when authentically given, can replace any award that you can bestow on a sponsor, employee, board member or colleague. As they also can be the words that optimize employee engagement and their performance.

Many employees crave to know they are having an impact on an organization’s success. There are many forms of appreciation, and as a leader in your life or a team, knowing how to understand the appropriate way to appreciate a individual based on what they value, is essential to receive their best. Providing appreciation in a manner not reflective of an individuals style, can do more harm than good.

In this interactive presentation, Suzanne F. Stevens, CSP will share how through appreciation you can increase someone’s engagement and performance while having them experience a hightened sense of purpose.

suzanne f stevens keynote speaker standing ovationEmbracing the YouMeWe mindset empowers conscious contributors™ to optimize employee engagement by:

• Celebrating people for their contributions
• Evaluate the best method to appreciate a specific person or group
• Create a culture of appreciation

What audience will be ignited?

• Leaders who want to retain employees
• Social enterprisers who want to create an environment of care
• Entrepreneurs who want to get their teams to provide their best

Keynote OR Capacity building program

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  • Elaine Froese, CSP
    “Suzanne F. Stevens is passionate about people being recognized for their contributions to the well-being of the team. Her character is inclusive and affirming. She is conscious about the language she chooses to create a safe environment that builds trust and appreciation of the strengths of the team. Suzanne is willing to see both sides of an issue and work collaboratively. I highly recommend her approach."
    Elaine Froese, CSP Communication Expert, Farm Family Coach and Professional Speaker, Canada
  • Jennifer Spear
    "You give Gratitude like no one else that I know. Your message is always so thoughtful, personal and meaningful.  I appreciate YOU."
    Jennifer Spear Unscripted, Canada
  • Lydia Muso, Founder
    "Suzanne is a good person because she likes everybody and she is a well-wisher and promotes people from the bottom and puts them high up in the sky. I strongly recommend her."
    Lydia Muso, Founder Lesotho Child Counselling Unit
  • Michelle Ray, CSP
    "Suzanne visualized her Ignite Excellence Conference being an outstanding success, and her goal was fully realized with an amazing array of speakers and entertainers, all participating to support her Foundation. It was a pleasure being part of her event. Suzanne is a highly accomplished business owner whose heart is truly in the right place. She inspires excellence and demonstrates the power of philanthropy that is all too rare amongst her peers. We can all learn from Suzanne's vision for a better world. I am proud to know her and highly recommend her as a colleague and friend."
    Michelle Ray, CSP Leadership Expert and Consultant

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Suzanne F. Stevens, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), has spoken on five continents to fortune 500 companies since 2000. In every keynote, session or capacity building program, Suzanne brings her audiences to the front row by using her primary research, interactive nature, human observations and slice of humour to get the audience explore the What if?

 In Suzanne’s high-octane engagements, her goal is to inspire the audience on how they can consciously contribute™ to uplift the lives of others and create their most meaning life.

In all of Suzanne’s talks she will not only ignite contributions to the audiences’ organization, community, country or beyond, but will share the YouMeWe mindset that will transform how an individual’s contribution can create a positive ripple effect – and therefore, lead tomorrow’s legacy today.