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What's Your Why? | keynote details

what's your why?What's Your Why?

Live your purpose inside out

what's your why?Purpose? Hooey. Often when we talk about purpose it is a perceived as a ‘soft’ or not tactical and is cast aside with the useless motivational mambo jumbo. Well, here is the thing, the most successful organizations, and people with the highest sense of well-being, have purpose.

When companies have purpose they attract, retain and engage well-aligned employees. When an individual discovers their purpose they design their entire career and life to live in alignment with it. Result, organizations have engaged contributors and individuals live a more meaningful life.

In anticipation of exposing your purpose, your True North, you need to believe you are on this earth in services. How you are inspired to contribute depends on many elements of your character. A way to explore your attributes and embrace them as part of your journey is first to evaluate them.

If you want your team to be more engaged or assist them in their personal well-being, then this interactive talk is for you.

suzanne f stevens keynote speakerEmbracing the YouMeWe mindset empowers conscious contributors™ to discover their purpose:

• Consciously contribute inline with their purpose
• Evaluate the best environments to give their best
• Serve those that serve their soul
• Empower people to empower themselves

What audience will be ignited?

• Individuals who want to bring purpose to their work and life
• Leaders who want attract and engage employees

Keynote OR Capacity building program

We will tailor the session to meet your conference theme, your audience, and/or your organizational objectives. contact us

  • Allyson Kinsley,
    "Suzanne Stevens came to speak to our Women’s Leadership Network and we thoroughly admired her endless energy and insight into how women can be successful in all areas of their lives."
    Allyson Kinsley, Vice President Strategic Business Development, MasterCard, Canada
  • Elisa Schupp, Vice-President
    “I had the pleasure of hearing Suzanne Stevens speak at a CNW Group internal conference and at IABC luncheon. On both occasions, Suzanne inspired the audience to think, while engaging us in a conversation. Her highly dynamic style, flow and information all contribute to bringing the audience to the desired goal.  People leave with clear actions to take that will impact our personal and business life.”
    Elisa Schupp, Vice-President Central Canada, Canada Newswire

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suzanne f stevens keynote speaker
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Suzanne F. Stevens, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), has spoken on five continents to fortune 500 companies since 2000. In every keynote, session or capacity building program, Suzanne brings her audiences to the front row by using her primary research, interactive nature, human observations and slice of humour to get the audience explore the What if?

 In Suzanne’s high-octane engagements, her goal is to inspire the audience on how they can consciously contribute™ to uplift the lives of others and create their most meaning life.

In all of Suzanne’s talks she will not only ignite contributions to the audiences’ organization, community, country or beyond, but will share the YouMeWe mindset that will transform how an individual’s contribution can create a positive ripple effect – and therefore, lead tomorrow’s legacy today.