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Lead tomorrow's legacy today

We spend so much time at work, on average 1,700 hours a year. Although many enjoy their occupation, society is trending toward living a more meaningful life. The Y generation wants to matter, the X generation wants to make their mark, and the boomers want their mark to mean more. In effect, more people whether they are starting their careers, mid-career, changing their career, or nearing the end of their career are seeking the opportunity to lead tomorrow’s legacy today.

In an interactive presentation, Suzanne shares how to live the most meaningful life by embracing YouMeWe mindset of conscious contributions™ to the community.

This talk is relevant to individuals and organizations who want to raise consciousness and lead or participate in contributions that positively impact their community, country, or beyond long-term, promoting a more caring and inclusive humanity.

suzanne f stevens keynote speakerEmbracing the YouMeWe mindset empowers the conscious contributors™ to:

• Consciously examine their contribution to ensure they are achieving the desired impact
• Live their most meaningful life by unleashing their passion and purpose
• Create an environment to sustain and amplify the impact of their contribution

What audience will be ignited? 

• Leaders who want to create a collaborative culture through community contributions
• Social enterprisers who want to optimize the impact of their beneficiaries
• Entrepreneurs who focus on attracting well-aligned purpose driven employees

Keynote OR Capacity building program

We will tailor the session to meet your conference theme, your audience, and/or your organizational objectives. contact us

  • Gabe Batstone,
    “Suzanne is a high energy, high impact professional who makes a difference."
    Gabe Batstone, CEO, NGRain, Canada
  • Nancy Forrester, Manager
    “For our Women’s Leadership Network, Suzanne Stevens created a session on influencing, differentiating and engaging, specifically aimed at women.  Suzanne herself is an excellent role model for other women and the session was a big hit!  Her presentation was engaging and the content was interesting, relevant and thought-provoking.  Every participant enjoyed themselves and all of the feed back I received was very positive.”
    Nancy Forrester, Manager Canadian Standards Association (CSA Group) Canada
  • John D. Gamble, P.Eng.,
    "I have utilized Suzanne as a keynote speaker, session panelist and facilitator – always with outstanding results. Suzanne has become an important strategic partner and resource for our association.”
    John D. Gamble, P.Eng., President Association of Consulting Engineer Companies (ACEC), Canada

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Suzanne F. Stevens, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), has spoken on five continents to fortune 500 companies since 2000. In every keynote, session or capacity building program, Suzanne brings her audiences to the front row by using her primary research, interactive nature, human observations and slice of humour to get the audience explore the What if?

 In Suzanne’s high-octane engagements, her goal is to inspire the audience on how they can consciously contribute™ to uplift the lives of others and create their most meaning life.

In all of Suzanne’s talks she will not only ignite contributions to the audiences’ organization, community, country or beyond, but will share the YouMeWe mindset that will transform how an individual’s contribution can create a positive ripple effect – and therefore, lead tomorrow’s legacy today.