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Leave your legacy, Suzanne F. Stevens

As I stood in a circle with ten Swazi women and my husband, the level of emotions I was feeling overtook me. Was it in this remote area in Swaziland, surrounded by the mountains that moved me? Or was it the hope that each woman shared for her children’s future? Or was it the gratitude expressed to Sheila Freemantle, the founder of Tintsaba, for establishing a handcraft company 30 years ago that has provided over 1000 women with the training and employment to produce high-quality Sisal baskets?

Wisdom Exchange tv guest Sheila Freemantle with host Suzanne F Stevens. Swaziland June 2012.

We interviewed Sheila for WisdomExchangeTV.com, as a pioneer in establishing a social enterprise that continues to meet the needs of the Swaziland community, while escalating the quality of their baskets and jewellery.

A few short months after interviewing Sheila, she passed away on Oct 29, 2012, with no successor. With 42% of the population living on 1.90US, a day 8000 people questioned their future.


If your situation would change today, who would continue your legacy?

Two decisions turned what could have been the demise of Tintsaba:

  1. Sheila’s decision to collaborate with competitors through a SWIFT – Swaziland Fair Trade organisation  – as it was other handcraft companies that assisted when the social enterprise was in distress.
  2. Sheila’s husband’s decision. He sold his forestry company to lead Sheila’s legacy.

Do you belong to an association or a community group? What was your objective in joining it?

Many of us join associations to:

  1. expand our businesses,
  2. to learn the latest affecting our industry,
  3. or to network with like-minded people.

Consider joining an association with collaboration as core motivator. So …

  1. If your business is in distress, you have a pool of individuals to refer your clients,
  2. to help you manage the business on the road to recovery,
  3. to support you in executing the next big idea.

Whether you’re part of an organisation in a rural community in a developing country, or in a thriving metropolis in a developed world –sustaining our organisations is a key to lead tomorrow’s legacy today.

We in the YouMeWe mindset is the reality that momentum is achieved with others. If we collaborate with like-minded people,  organisations, and employ conscious leadership techniques, we will be able to optimise the positive ripple effect of our consistent conscious-contributions™.

Collaborate with like-minded people, organisations, and employ conscious leadership techniques, you will be able to optimise the positive ripple effect of our consistent conscious-contributions™. #MyContribtutionCounts… Click To Tweet

The YouMeWe mindset is in response to people’s desire to be part of something bigger than ourselves.

In the short term, look at who you can collaborate with that you trust, and start looking at ways to have a positive ripple effect in your community, or beyond.

To learn more about the YouMeWe mindset and how is being applied, visit WisdomExchangeTV.com and register to be notified of new interviews with entrepreneurs and leaders who consciously contribute to impact positive social and environmental change – sustainably.

Until next time, make your contributions count. #YouMeWeMovement #MyContributionCounts

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