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Book Overview

YouMeWe - lead tomorrow's legacy today takes the reader on a journey to live your most meaningful life by consciously contributing to society.

  • Live your most meaningful life by contributing while unleashing your passion and purpose.
  • Consciously examine your contribution to ensure it is achieving the desired impact.
  • Create an environment to deliver and amplify the impact of your contributions consistently.

Want to live your most meaningful life? YouMeWe takes the reader on a journey of realising their purpose and achieving their full potential through conscious contributions™.

Be transported through seventeen African Countries in the backpack of the author, Suzanne F. Stevens, and her husband, Michael K. Gingerich. Suzanne and Mike were both inspired and discouraged when they observed the real impact of local and international ‘giving’ across the continent.

While interviewing over seventy African women pioneers, they realised how each woman shared a similar philosophy: leaving a legacy is not a stage in life, but a way in which you live your life.

This philosophy inspired the author and her husband to develop YouMeWe, a social enterprise, and movement. The goal is to ignite and celebrate leaders and entrepreneurs who contribute to society by creating opportunities, not dependencies. This pursuit will cultivate cultures of conscious contributions to the community.

Journey through Africa with Suzanne and Mike and be inspired by the wisdom of African women, many of whom have endured unimaginable circumstances, but still challenged the status quo for the betterment of all. This message is for anyone who wants to live a more meaningful life by contributing to their community, country, and beyond - sustainably.