What does presenting, contributing, and meditating have in common?

Suzanne F. Stevens - Being

Part 1 of the Explore your Why – 9 part series

As a presentation coach, I would get a thrill when I would see a person transform, from the rigid presenter to the individual who had passion and purpose in their message. It is at this intersection where a message met an individual’s unique and authentic self, and it would appear their message would transcend them, rather than be caught in their mind where judgment existed.

I liken it to birth, where something pure, beautiful, and authentic happens. Your eyes open and for the first time, you discover your potential.

When working with someone to get them to that rebirth, they often try on different personas to present their information to an audience. It is not until a coach provides them with various exercises, encouraging them to push their comfort zone, and gives her ‘permission’ to be herself does the audience experience a presenter’s passion, purpose, and persuasiveness.

To get to this authentic state takes work. It is recognising that self-judgment (aka-voices in your head) has no place in expressing your authentic self. This is your intention; where your energy transfers from you to your audience. You are generously giving all your insight, energy and passion to one person at a time, without comprise or distraction. In effect, you are just being. The most authentic me is born at that moment.

Suzanne F. Stevens - Being

Now imagine this happening to an engineer presenting her technical solutions to water treatment. The impact is profound.

Although I discovered that technique in coaching presentation skills – it is a transferable skill to explore who-me-be. Knowing who you truly are, can connect you to who you can consciously contribute to, on route to living your most meaningful life.

It all starts with the realisation of who-me-be?

Being is the first step in Exploring your Why.

Like presenting, when you are in the moment, your authentic self is also exposed when you contribute to uplift the life of another. Through contributing you experience an enhanced version of yourself. It is in this state of being when you enrich someone or something else that your natural essence exudes – and your purpose starts to emanate.

Being present with yourself is finding the silence between your words and thoughts. This practice will perpetuate a calm that will expose who-me-be. Accessing this silence is best achieved through the practice of meditation.

Modesta Lilian Mahiga, Wisdom Exchange TVFrom this natural state, your purpose starts to resonate, however, as Modesta Mahiga, a millennial interviewed for WisdomExchangeTV.com who is changing the face of leadership in Tanzania shares, you always had a purpose, you just may not know what it is yet.

You are created for a purpose. You didn’t come to the world to start building yourself up through school and work, to find significance. You are significant already. Listen inside. You are not created to fit in, but to stand out and attract. Don’t worry about being accepted; you will be the difference.

When you make all your decisions en route to making a meaningful contribution to your profession, community, or beyond, it will serve you well to ensure you are always making choices and acting in line with your authentic self. If you make all your decisions from this perspective, you won’t have regrets and will feel content that no matter what decision you make, it is consistent with who-me-be.

Your authentic self is exposed when you contribute to uplift the life of another. Through contributing you experience an enhanced version of yourself. #MyContributionCounts #YouMeWeMovement Click To Tweet

Why is this realization important? Well, when are you most content? What is it about that moment that makes you feel joy? How can you repeat that moment? I have a hunch that you will find you are happiest (not to mention perform at your best) when you are living in a moment, not thinking about what could have been, or what will be.

There are several things you can do to be:

  1. When presenting, focus on what the audience is hearing instead of what you are saying, it will heighten your connection to them.
  2. Meditate – helps your mind quite
  3. Stop self-judging (I know, easier said than done. Meditation will help. Instead of beating yourself up, say “I’ve never improved a situation by worrying about it.” And if you have a fear of consequences, well remember fear is just a reaction, not a realisation.
  4. Focus on one thing at a time. Yes, that means turning your phone off and enjoying where you are, instead of thinking about where you could be.

Being is being in the moment you are in where your authentic self is visible.

From here, you can reflect on the who your why should impact, which will be covered in next weWednesday as we continue the Explore Your Why series.

Until next time, make your contributions count. #YouMeWeMovement #MyContributionCounts

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