What does presenting, contributing, and meditating have in common?

Suzanne F. Stevens - Being

 Part 1 of the Explore your Why – 9 part series As a presentation coach, I would get a thrill when I would see a person transform, from the rigid presenter to the individual who had passion and purpose in their message. It is at this intersection where a message met an individual’s unique and authentic…

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Why Explore your Why?

Through my twenties, friends, family, and colleagues would often say to me: “You are one of the most driven and focused people I know.” And yet, I was discouraged. I was reading articles about women who had transformed organisations, or who were making a massive impact on society, to later read that she didn’t have…

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APPRECIATION – avoid the crossfire

thank you

 Have you ever said or written one of the following statements? “This is the best event ever.” “You’re the kindest person I know.” “I value your opinion more than anyone’s.” These proclamations are often innocent sentiments bestowed on someone or something you appreciate. By all accounts, they seem to be an authentic compliment given…

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WE – will your legacy live on?

Leave your legacy, Suzanne F. Stevens

 As I stood in a circle with ten Swazi women and my husband, the level of emotions I was feeling overtook me. Was it in this remote area in Swaziland, surrounded by the mountains that moved me? Or was it the hope that each woman shared for her children’s future? Or was it the…

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ME – as a citizen what is our responsibility?

 Consider if you could afford to provide financial support in the following areas, would you: Contribute to climate change? Assist with reducing human trafficking? Promote equality amongst transgender, cultures, and races? Reduce violence against anyone? Help ensure little Suzy has a healthy start to her school day with breakfast? How many, if any, would…

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YOU – are you conscious of your contribution’s impact?

Virunga Mountains National Park

 My husband and I had just returned from a hike in the Virunga Mountains in Eastern Rwanda, where we spent time with a family of Gorillas. Soon as we descended the mountain, a young boy approached us with a picture he drew. It was the very scene we had saw – A mama gorilla…

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CONNECTION – there’s no app for that!

 You have a job interview today that you have been anticipating for weeks. Today could be the first day of the rest of your life. Your dream job, the one you feel will provide personal as well as career satisfaction and purpose. You’re anxious. You’re eager. But mostly, you are excited to connect with…

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Random Acts of Kindness, not so kind

smile, be kind posit notes

By Suzanne F Stevens | April 5, 2017 Our Association leadership team was in a mall, racing against a clock. Our goal, to accomplish as many random acts of kindness within an hour. As we poured through the list of kindness activities provided through an interactive app, we assessed the most efficient way to be…

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Enough with the Empathy!


By Suzanne F Stevens | March 29, 2017 Have you ever been in a situation where had a cough, your relationship broke-up or lost a love one? You shared with someone that things have been a challenge, and they instantly try to empathize with you. “I remember when I was sick, I…” “I remember when…

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How big is your backyard? Where do you Give?

refugees are human beings

By Suzanne F Stevens | March 22, 2017 With the recent events happening around the world: the refugee crisis, the Paris terrorist attacks, the hostage-taking in Mali … I can’t help but wonder how each of us feels we are affected by these events? Prior to the latter two tragedies, I had posted on my…

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