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youmewe conferences

(previously named Ignite Excellence Conference)

igniting conscious leaders - full day conference

This one-day conference brings women together to celebrate, cultivate and co-create conscious contributions. Thought-leaders will inspire attendees on how to lead their life, teams, career, and their organization all while having a positive impact on the community.

The profits of this conference are donated to the YouMeWe Foundation, which provides tertiary scholarships to prospective women leaders in Africa.

To be notified of the next conference, fill out the "notify me" request form below. We will send you an invitation when launched.

Leah Ngini at Ignite Excellelnce Conference (YouMeWe Conferences)

youmewe tours

youmewe tours

connect with women in Africa - two-week experience

Join a two-week experience in a couple African countries where you will connect with various women. This unique adventure is where you will learn from African women and share your experience. You will be transported during the adventures off the beaten path, while experiencing the country through the eyes of people who live an African reality.

To be notified of the next tour, fill out the "notify me" request form below. We will send you the details upon availability.

youmewe exchange panels

join the conscious contribution conversation - ninety-minute exchange

A ninety-minute conversation with a group of panellist who will provide insight on what inspired them, how they lead or participate in, and who they collaborate with in their conscious contributions in the community.

Suzanne F. Stevens will moderate the conversation, and you will have the opportunity to ask questions of the panellist. Although the focus will be on the YouMeWe mindset and manifesto, there will be a unique focus at each session.

To be notified of the next exchange panel, fill out the "notify me" request form below. We will send you an invitation when launched.

Do you want the youmewe exchange panel tailored for your organization? This is an effective way to create dialogue about your organizations community contribution and how to collaborate to achieve your objective.  It creates dialogue amongst your leadership team, and / or your employees to consider how to ultimately uplift the lives others.  WE are happy to have a conversation please email us.

expert panel discussions

speaking engagements

igniting conscious contributions™ 

Suzanne F. Stevens occasionally does public events. Below is a listing of speaking events. If you are interested in learning more, please email us or fill out the "notify me" form below.

> London, Ontario; Jan 9, 2017

> Edmonton, Alberta; Jan 12, 2017

> Calgary, Alberta; Jan 13 & 14, 2017

> Montreal, Quebec; Feb 10 & 11, 2017

> Toronto, Ontario; Feb 13, 2017

> Toronto, Ontario; Feb 22- 24 (Closed event)

> Vancouver, BC; Feb 18, 2017

> Halifax, NS;  April 20 & 21

> Ottawa, ON; May 6, 2017

> Manitoba, ON; May 11, 2017

> Saskatoon, SK; May 13, 2017

> Mississauga, ON; May 18, 2017

> Toronto,ON; June 2, 2017 (Closed event)

suzanne f stevens speaking
suzanne f stevens speaking at CSPN
suzanne f stevens speaking