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YouMeWe welcomes you to join WE. There are many ways to become involved in the movement. Firstly, before you jump in, knowing the objective and how it relates to you will guide you to inspire a wave that leads to a positive ripple effect.

Wisdom Exchange tv guest Leah Ngini. Nairobi, Kenya.

YouMeWe Movement’s goal is to raise consciousness and inspire individuals and organizations to create or participate in initiatives that promoted a more caring and inclusive humanity.

The movement is inspired by interviews with pioneering African women leaders who consciously contribute to uplift society. These women identified a social gap and became activists, conscious leaders, or social entrepreneurs. Each embraces their purpose and emanated a positive ripple effect in their community, country, and continent or beyond.


How can YOU promote a more caring and inclusive humanity through the YouMeWe movement?

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• You experience the principles of YouMeWe (Manifesto & Values) in the community, take a photo, and tweet it using the hashtag #YouMeWeMovement.

• Take a video and share using the hashtag #YouMeWeMovement. Send us the link and we may add it to our website - email us

• Let YouMeWe know of an initiative, or individual that is creating a positive impact in the community – email us. We may interview them on WisdomExchangeTV.com – a web platform, and/or invite them to be one of our guest panelist at YouMeWe Exchange.

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my contribution counts

Log your conscious-contributions™ on the #MyContributionCounts campaign page. For every 25 conscious-contributions™ shared – YouMeWe Group will invest $25 in an individual seeking a micro-loan for business or education through the Kiva.org program.