Presentation Oxygen Training

Breathe persuasion into your presentations

September 10 & 11, 2019
Collingwood Library, ON
9:30 - 5:30 daily
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Fear of presenting?
Let's provide you with the tools that minimize anxiety.

Present for work, but not getting the desired outcome?
Let's use persuasive presentation tools and techniques to separate you from the pack.

Present to clients, but not winning the business most of the time?
Let's give you the persuasive tools to amplify your results.

Leading a team, and they aren't following?
Let's connect you to what emotionally motivates them.


South Georgian Bay Small Business Enterprise Centre and YouMeWe Group come together to bring you …



Presentation Oxygen Training

Breathe persuasion into your presentations

Do you want to elevate your Persuasive Presentation Skills to bolster your career, influence funding, garner sponsorships, lead projects, or win new business?

Invest in yourself! This $1500 two-day program is now available to our Collingwood neighbours for $549.

REGISTER BEFORE JULY 31 and save an additional $100.

Get ready for a two-day intensive, fun-filled, content-rich, push your potential, persuasive presentation skills program.

$1500 $549 NOW $449 for a limited time!


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Elevate your presentation through developing persuasive skills.

Learn to confidently engage an individual or audience while maintaining control and moving them to the desired outcome.


A presentation intends to inform and influence an individual, small group, or packed hall. To achieve your goal, you must deliver persuasively, with clarity, and confidence.

Presentation Oxygen incorporates 10 planning components to conduct a persuasive presentation: including understanding different types of audiences, corresponding presentation structures to promote different outcomes, verbal and kinetic delivery skills, persuasive language, visual aids, and more. These techniques fine-tune and advance a novice or season presenter's presentation skills, equipping participants with the ability to inform and influence their audiences to move to the desired outcome.

Develop persuasive presentation skills to ...

  • Move audience to outcomes

    Follow a proven process to develop and deliver persuasive presentations that achieve specific objectives and move the audience toward a particular outcome.

  • Organize ideas and save time

    Use flexible tools to organize ideas for presentations in a timesaving, informative, and persuasive manner.

  • Incorporate persuasive language

    Incorporate persuasive language that is appropriate to influence specific members of the audience.

  • Developed delivery skills

    Use movement, gestures, eye contact, and your voice to engage diverse audiences.

  • Create a flexible style

    Learn to modify presentation and delivery style to different situations, objectives, and individuals.

  • Use visual aids to engage

    Design and interact with visual aids effectively.

  • Control nerves

    Control and direct nervous energy to create a memorable presentation.

  • Handle rough times

    Prepare for, and handle, “rough times” in order to feel more comfortable when dealing with challenging audiences.

  • Build confidence

    Learn to confidently engage an individual or audience while maintaining control and moving them to the desired outcome.

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Who will benefit from participating in a persuasive presentation program?

  • Leaders who want to optimize communications and align stakeholders
  • Social entrepreneurs who want to sell offerings or establish partnerships
  • Entrepreneurs who want to gain buy-in to initiatives
  • Salespeople who want to win more business
  • Non-profit employees who fundraise
  • Managers who lead meetings
  • Individuals who speak to associations or present to colleagues
  • Project leaders who need to influence colleagues

A little about Suzanne F. Stevens, CSP

Suzanne F. Stevens is an international Professional Speaker, Trainer, and Consultant who has worked on five continents and is bringing her expertise right to your backyard in Collingwood.

Suzanne is one of 65 Certified Speaking Professionals (CSP) in Canada, who has trained fortune 500 companies from executives to national sales teams and has worked with nonprofits, social enterprises, and entrepreneurs in 21 countries. For twenty years, Suzanne has helped organizations influence a variety of stakeholders, from leadership training, conversational sales techniques, to influencing without authority, and developing persuasive presentation skills.  Based on Suzanne's extensive interviews with entrepreneurs, advocates, leaders, and social enterprises in 21 countries, Suzanne has expanded her offering to ignite a culture that will attract, retain and engage colleagues, customers, and collaborators, while making leaders' contributions count, for the company, and the community.

As the founder of YouMeWe Group, the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS), 2017 National President, host of, and founder of YouMeWe Foundation, Suzanne has made her life work about empowering people, amplifying their voices, igniting them to have the confidence, and know-how to share their insight and expertise.

Suzanne F. Stevens, CSP, Conscious-Contribution™ Cultivator

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Invest in yourself! This $1500 two-day program is now available to our Collingwood neighbours for $549.

REGISTER BEFORE JULY 31 and save an additional $100.

Get ready for a two-day intensive, fun-filled, content-rich, push your potential, persuasive presentation skills program.

$1500 $549 NOW $449 for limited time!


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What clients say about the Presentation Oxygen Program with Suzanne F. Stevens

  • Suzanne is among of handful of leadership consultants that has made a significant impact on myself and others. I literally have her voice in my head, in the most positive way possible, whenever I’m preparing for an important leadership moment or presentation. While both supporting and challenging participants, she has a unique ability to unlock potential in individuals of all experience sets - CEOs to early leaders. I’ve seen her dramatically improve people’s communication skills - both verbally and non-verbally. Suzanne has my full endorsement.


    Jenn Smyth-Whelly Senior Director, Business Technology at Hootsuite

  • Over my career, I've taken many presentation courses, but none of them really pushed me to the limit as this one did. Suzanne’s approach isn't only about Power Point; it's much more than that! The course makes you face your fears and tackle them head on! It also forces you to think and plan strategically when preparing for a presentation. The individualized skills learned in this program far exceed the cost!


    Moe Renaud Regional Director - Desjardins Financial Security
  • Suzanne is a pro who delivers results. I had a team that needed to improve their sales presentation skills but were cynical when it came to investing money in any learning initiative. They thought most training was a waste of time and that the company’s seasoned sales force wouldn’t value nor invest time in a workshop. Despite this resistance, Suzanne was able to turn their views around and get them excited to participate. They not only went through the first session but signed up for the second part of the program. To this day, employees remember her program and the immense value they received based on Suzanne’s approach and content.


    Lynn Nicolai, ACPC, PCC Human Resources, Desjardins

  • I wanted to drop you a short note to express my appreciation for your one on one 'Presentation Excellence Course' you gave me. The structure, process and delivery skills you taught me were top notch and allowed me to present to our senior V.P. and his team with confidence and professionalism. I personally received many compliments on my content but even more on the delivery and persuasiveness of the 45-minute presentation. In fact I am now looking for opportunities to present!! I have booked a major presentation for January 13th to a group of national V.P.'s from our largest customer and with the knowledge and expertise you provided me I am confident that it will be a great success.


    Allan Taylor, Canadian Regional Manager, Domtar Inc.
  • I wanted to take a moment to thank you for delivering such an excellent program. You not only know your stuff – you put it into practice as a living example. I also appreciated your sophistication and energy. I hope this is the beginning of an ongoing relationship where we continue to work on our presentations/speeches with you. I take a lot of training courses, but this is the first time I really feel like I got real value for my money and that I will use the training every day. You are very good at what you do and I will recommend you strongly to others. Thanks again and best wishes.


    Peter Constantinou, Director, Government Relations Office, Seneca College
  • I am not generally excited after a course – but 100% of this was valid & exciting. I would recommend it to anyone.


    Dayrl Cowie, GE Energy
  • The Persuasive Presentation program conducted by Suzanne Stevens is a must for anyone who is involved in presentations on a regular basis. While I have been presenting software solutions to organizations of all sizes over 10 years, I learned a great deal during the program and was able to incorporate what I learned right away. Suzanne Stevens was not only an engaging and a very knowledgeable program leader, she also practiced what she preached during the entire program, which provided immediate evidence and validation for all the techniques being taught.


    Joel Waldman, Kronos
  • As part of my courses in college, seven years ago, we were given training on presenting, we were asked to present at least once a week to get us more confident in front of an audience, and given several weeks of training on how to put together a presentation with a 20 minute presentation at the your exam.  During my two years in college, I was never once as confident or as comfortable as I am now after only two days of Presentation training with YouMeWe. The lessons they teach you go beyond speaking in front of a large group of people.  They help you gather your thoughts and get to know your audience, even if it’s an audience of one.  They help you appear, sound and feel more confident in yourself and your words.  If we get a second chance to take another course, I would be the first to stand in line.
  • Thank you for giving me great habits and the tools to get it right every time!  Your course and its teaching methods have already proven successful, as I've been able to persuade and move people to action faster with greater retention of information! I will use the skills I've learned in every presentation I do, with the ability improve each and every time!


    Mia Chang, Account Executive, Desjardins Financial Security
  • Suzanne’s preparation, excellent knowledge base, and well-honed communication and presentation skills made the day everything we had hoped for – and more! If you are looking for enlightening, relevant and engaging trainer I would highly recommend Suzanne.


    Victoria Sanjana Director of Finance and Administration, JAZZ.FM91

  • My experience at the training was terrific. Of course Suzanne shook me out of my shell by the participatory approach to the training. It was engaging, interactive, emotive, and very purposeful. I learnt about my personality strengths that are relevant to effective communication.


    George Ogalo Africa International University, Kenya

  • This was a very well structured, dynamic program. I have left feeling more comfortable and confident with my ability to communicate with more senior or experienced clients and colleagues.


    Natalie York, Rowan Williams Davies and Irwin Inc. (RWDI)


Tailoring Approach & Resources:

  1. Tailored to your objectives – 20-minute pre-program phone discussion.
  2. Workbook resource with in-depth insight into 10 components to planning and executing a persuasive presentation. (over 100 pgs.)
  3. Two video recordings of your presentation style.
  4. Presentation content and style feedback.
  5. Two-days of interaction, presentations, and persuasive techniques.

Limited space – Only room for 10 participants.

The program incorporates exercises, presentation feedback, and strategies and techniques to deliver a persuasive presentation. Because of the nature of participation, there are minimum spots and a lot of focus. So, act now to secure your spot!


Date: Tuesday, Sept. 10 & Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2019

Time: 9:30 a.m to 5:30 p.m.

Location: Collingwood Public Library
55 Ste. Marie Street Collingwood, ON L9Y 0W6
Room B. Enter around the east side, near parking.

Special offer: $449 until July 31, 2019. The price goes up on August 1st to $549 for this two-day event (Early registration is over a $1,000 in savings on regular pricing). Exclusive offer for South Georgian Bay Region.

Only 10 spots available, so act now!

WARNING: If you want to sit back and get tips and tricks on how to be a persuasive presenter, this is not for you. However, if you wish to participate, stretch your potential and leave with practical skills that will affect how you communicate and present for your personal and professional growth—then we invite you to be one of the 10 participants.

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Suzanne F. Stevens sharing how Presentation Oxygen will breathe persuasion into your presentations.

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