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Your Contribution Counts: 

Appreciation Practices, where Everyone Profits



…each member of your multi-generational team felt valued, and that their contribution significantly impacted the success of the organization?


What type of culture would it create? What ripple effect would it initiate?


Sponsors, board members, employees, and colleagues want to affect an organization's success. As a leader, you need to let a stakeholder know their contribution counts.


There are many ways to demonstrate appreciation. As a leader, knowing what a person values will guide you on how to appreciate them appropriately. People often join or collaborate with an organization for the money or the profile; they stay for how they are valued.
Turning individual recognition into a culture of appreciation can increase your team's engagement and performance while having them experiencing a heightened sense of purpose - where everyone profits.


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What will the audience experience during this keynote?

In a dynamic, interactive presentation, Suzanne will take the audience on a self-reflective journey of assessing what they believe motivates their team. Based on interviews with leaders and neuroscience insight, Suzanne will share what motivates people long-term. The audience will leave with low-cost, easy to implement strategies where team members will feel their contribution counts.


This keynote creates the most significant value to…

For leaders and entrepreneurs who want to attract, engage and retain employees, members, staff, sponsors, or donors.



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Your contribution count:
Celebrating people who contribute to the community

  • Richard Peterson
    "Provocative, challenging and witty."
    Richard Peterson North America's Presentation Coach
  • David Gouthro
    "Suzanne is inclusive, collaborative, strong, insightful and has a warm yet powerful presence, regardless of whether she is in a one-to-one meeting or on stage in front of hundreds of people."
    David Gouthro The Consulting Edge
  • Jessica Cryer
    "Your presentation was very inspirational. The feedback from participants was fantastic."
    Jessica Cryer CSPN
  • Tom O'Neill, President
    “Suzanne Stevens spoke to our Annual Convention in Niagara Falls and just nailed it! One of the most difficult challenges in business today, the creation of a workplace culture where people want to work and want to stay, is no easy subject  and can easily become cliché ridden and preachy. Suzanne attacked the issue with energy and critical insight. She demolished the myths  around worker shortages and generational differences and then constructed an alternative approach that was seized upon by our franchisees. A post convention survey of all speakers placed her ahead of all our speakers in terms of giving them a new insight and a practical strategy for solving this challenge. Well done!"



    Tom O'Neill, President Quesada Franchising of Canada Corp.
  • Marcey Saunders, CHRE
    "Suzanne is a bundle of positive energy with practical tips to share. She was highly engaging at our convention, getting everyone in the room interacting and leaving us with realistic ideas for recognizing and appreciating our team members. It was clear that Suzanne tailored her keynote address to our industry and company. I would highly recommend Suzanne as a professional speaker for any corporate event!"


    Marcey Saunders, CHRE Quesada Franchising of Canada Corp.

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Suzanne F. Stevens, has worked with companies on five continents since 2000. She has interviewed leaders and entrepreneurs in 21 countries and brings their personal and professional transformational insights into every talk.

Suzanne is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP- one of 65 in Canada, among 15% globally), World of Difference award recipient, Past National President for The Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS), Founder of and, and multi-service award recipient.


In every keynote, session or training program, Suzanne brings her audiences to the front row by using a customized approach, her entrepreneurial experience, vast international adventures, human observations, slice of humour, and interactive process to get the audience to explore how to "make your contribution count." 

Suzanne's is an "interactive, thought-provoking, dynamic presenter" who shares strategies on how to implement conscious-contributions™ consistently for you, your company, in the community, and beyond. She transforms perspectives on how to maximize personal meaning, while attracting, engaging, and retaining colleagues, customers, and collaborators - profitably.

Suzanne ignites a culture where your contribution counts • for you • your company • your community.