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Nobody Wants to 'Work':

Conscious Leadership Practices that will Attract, Engage, and Retain Talent



…your multi-generational employees feel they are active contributors to the success of the business? What if they experience meaning at work? What if your organization had a foundation of high-trust, high-performance, where high-happiness is realized?


How would your culture be impacted? What practices would a leader need to implement to attract, engage, retain, and bolster such talent?


Suzanne has interviewed hundreds of entrepreneurs and leaders and uses research that exposes why employees don't want to work, and why they do.


Through the lens of conscious leaders', strategies emerge to bake into your organization’s DNA.


Employees are transformed into intrapreneurs, where they are empowered, productive, and purposeful — creating a culture where everyone profits.


suzanne f stevens keynote speaker

During this dynamic and interactive keynote, the audience will:


    • Learn what motivators attract, engage, and retain top talent

    • Identify personal leadership gaps, which leadership strategies they need to evolve and incorporate.

    • Be armed with eight conscious leadership practices that will create a culture of collaboration.


This keynote creates the most significant value to…

Entrepreneurs, small business owners, leaders, and managers—anyone with influence in an organization.



Amplify the Impact: Four Approaches

Capitalize on your keynote investment:
Infuse participants with a post-presentation resources

Bulk-buy a gift that keeps on contributing

Give your audience the ultimate gift, an investment in their personal and professional development: Make Your Contribution Count for you, me, we is a book that acts as a compass on how to maximize your meaning while having a social, economic, and environmental impact—consciously and sustainable. Bulk book pricing available. Five percent of sales are invested in scholarships for higher education for women in Africa.


Couple with a workshop or breakout. Learn more.

Infuse participants with a 21-day video. Learn more.

Couple with a panel discussion - hit concepts home. Contact with us!

What clients are saying

  • Gabe Batstone,
    “Suzanne is a high energy, high impact professional who makes a difference."
    Gabe Batstone, CEO, NGRain, Canada
  •  David R. Groobert,

    “Suzanne Stevens is a dynamic presenter who has a unique ability to engage, motivate, and teach in a friendly and conversational manner. Suzanne can educate, enhance confidence, and bring about real change in people…regardless of their title of level of experience."

    David R. Groobert, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Environics Communications, United States
  • John D. Gamble, P.Eng.,
    "I have utilized Suzanne as a keynote speaker, session panelist and facilitator – always with outstanding results. Suzanne has become an important strategic partner and resource for our association.”
    John D. Gamble, P.Eng., President Association of Consulting Engineer Companies (ACEC), Canada
  • Deri Latimer, CSP
    "Brilliant. Innovative. Captivating. These are the words I use to describe Suzanne's YouMeWe keynote. It is a message that we all need to here; it is perfectly timed for the current state of our globe. The keynote is filled with not only inspiration, but also tons of information. It is bursting with current research, relate-able examples and practical ideas that I can put into action immediately. I left feeling energized and mobilized to reflect - and then act - on my conscious contribution strategy!"
    Deri Latimer, CSP Positively Speaking
  • Michelle Ray, CSP

    Suzanne is a highly accomplished business owner whose heart is truly in the right place. She inspires excellence and demonstrates the power of philanthropy that is all too rare amongst her peers. We can all learn from Suzanne's vision for a better world. I am proud to know her and highly recommend her as a colleague and friend."

    Michelle Ray, CSP Leadership Expert and Consultant
  • Michael Kerr, Hall of Fame business speaker,
    "I had the pleasure of working with Suzanne F. Stevens on the national board during her tenure as the president of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. Suzanne demonstrated a brilliant capacity to lead a diverse team, communicate complex messages with flair and professionalism, and facilitate challenging meetings. A tireless and dedicated leader, Suzanne always demonstrated the highest degree of empathy, compassion, and professionalism."  
    Michael Kerr, Hall of Fame business speaker, President of Humor at Work
  • Michael B. Flint, PMP
    Highly supportive, dedicated and committed individual; gives 150% to everything she does and achieves what she says she will do. Suzanne is a leader who you want to follow and want to support; you will be energized by her drive, enthusiasm and inspiration; you will want to be part of whatever she is focused on.
    Michael B. Flint, PMP Project Manager Consultant

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suzanne f stevens keynote speaker
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Make a social impact with Suzanne F. Stevens

In every keynote, session, and workshop, Suzanne brings her audiences to the front row by using a customized approach, her entrepreneurial experience, vast international adventures, interviews with leaders from 21 countries, human observations, slice of humor, and interactive process to get the audience to explore how to "make your contribution count." 

Suzanne's is an "interactive, thought-provoking, dynamic presenter" who shares strategies on how to implement conscious-contributions™ consistently for you, your company, in the community, and beyond. She transforms perspectives on how to maximize personal meaning, while attracting, engaging, and retaining colleagues, customers, and collaborators — sustainably and profitably.

Suzanne ignites a culture where your contribution counts
for •  you • me • we.