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You, Me, We:

Collaboratively elevate your business’s inclusion, impact, and image in your post-pandemic re-emergence. 



we all have a role to play in our social and economic re-emergence through diversity, equity, and inclusion?


The global pandemic has amplified many of the social, economic, and environmental gaps. Although addressing societal gaps has always been necessary, it will be essential during economic and social re-emergence. Organizations small and large can re-imagine and re-energize their offering to be more diverse and inclusive to benefit communities and their businesses.


Clients and consumers are more exposed to the power of collaboration and what is possible when we re-imagine how to bring our offerings to market. Research shows that before the pandemic, consumers were making more conscious buying decisions. The trend will amplify as we recognize our interdependence. Now more than ever, we need each other to elevate society.


Suzanne F. Stevens will share thought-provoking and inspiring stories of how businesses re-imagined their situation and amplified their impact through innovation, commerce, and collaboration. The audience is inspired to reflect on doing good while doing well — making their contribution count for you, me, we.


suzanne f stevens keynote speaker

In this dynamic, thought-provoking, and interactive keynote, the audience will: 

    • Be exposed to the foundation for what a business needs to consider when contributing to society sustainably. 

    • Strategies to establish a more collaborative business approach and cross-pollinate skills and connections.

    • How to amplify their commitment to being a good corporate citizen



This keynote creates the most significant value to…

Entrepreneurs and leaders who are seeking ways to expand their impact, while building their business.


The keynote is tailored to your theme, audience, and desired outcome. contact us


Amplify the Impact: Four Approaches

Capitalize on your keynote investment:
Infuse participants with a post-presentation resources

Bulk-buy a gift that keeps on contributing

Give your audience the ultimate gift, an investment in their personal and professional development: Make Your Contribution Count for you, me, we is a book that acts as a compass on how to maximize your meaning while having a social, economic, and environmental impact—consciously and sustainable. Bulk book pricing available. Five percent of sales are invested in scholarships for higher education for women in Africa.


Couple with a workshop or breakout. Learn more.

Infuse participants with a 21-day video. Learn more.

Couple with a panel discussion - hit concepts home. Contact with us!

What clients are saying

  • Deri Latimer, CSP
    “Suzanne thank you for a most inspiring, thought-provoking and energizing talk"
    Deri Latimer, CSP Positive Speaking
  • Nancy Forrester, Manager
    “For our Women’s Leadership Network, Suzanne Stevens created a session on influencing, differentiating and engaging, specifically aimed at women.  Suzanne herself is an excellent role model for other women and the session was a big hit!  Her presentation was engaging and the content was interesting, relevant and thought-provoking.  Every participant enjoyed themselves and all of the feed back I received was very positive.”
    Nancy Forrester, Manager Canadian Standards Association (CSA Group) Canada
  • John D. Gamble, P.Eng.,
    "I have utilized Suzanne as a keynote speaker, session panelist and facilitator – always with outstanding results. Suzanne has become an important strategic partner and resource for our association.”
    John D. Gamble, P.Eng., President Association of Consulting Engineer Companies (ACEC), Canada
  • Deri Latimer, CSP
    "Brilliant. Innovative. Captivating. These are the words I use to describe Suzanne's YouMeWe keynote. It is a message that we all need to here; it is perfectly timed for the current state of our globe. The keynote is filled with not only inspiration, but also tons of information. It is bursting with current research, relate-able examples and practical ideas that I can put into action immediately. I left feeling energized and mobilized to reflect - and then act - on my conscious contribution strategy!"
    Deri Latimer, CSP Positively Speaking
  • Colleen Bannerman B.B.A, C.C.H

    “Suzanne’s presentation was entertaining, inspiring, and thought-provoking. It was fantastic to see and hear the reaction of the audience and how inspired everyone was to have a social impact."

    Colleen Bannerman B.B.A, C.C.H President, Chamber of Commerce

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suzanne f stevens keynote speaker
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Make a social impact with Suzanne F. Stevens

In every keynote, session, and workshop, Suzanne brings her audiences to the front row by using a customized approach, her entrepreneurial experience, vast international adventures, interviews with leaders from 21 countries, human observations, slice of humor, and interactive process to get the audience to explore how to "make your contribution count." 

Suzanne's is an "interactive, thought-provoking, dynamic presenter" who shares strategies on how to implement conscious-contributions™ consistently for you, your company, in the community, and beyond. She transforms perspectives on how to maximize personal meaning, while attracting, engaging, and retaining colleagues, customers, and collaborators — sustainably and profitably.

Suzanne ignites a culture where your contribution counts
for •  you • me • we.