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cultures that rockConscious Cultures Rock

Engaging stakeholders in your evolution

Employees want their voices heard and they want to have an impact on the direction and the destination of the organizations that employ them. To tap into the most valued assets, employees, an organization needs to have a framework that supports a culture of inclusivity and empowerment.

cultures that rockEmployees are only part of the equation of establishing conscious culture. When interacting with other leaders, suppliers and various stakeholders, promote a culture of care and collaboration. By creating an environment that is mutually beneficial, trust will be high and creativity optimized.

In an interactive presentation, Suzanne F. Stevens, CSP will share seven cornerstones to creating a collaborative culture. When this YouMeWe mindset is embedded into the culture your organization will attract, retain and engage your multi-generational workforces.

suzanne f stevens keynote speaker cultureEmbracing the YouMeWe mindset empowers conscious contributors™ to:

• Use techniques to promote a conscious culture
• Start to assess the gaps that exist to achieving a conscious culture
• Evaluate what actions need to be taken to encourage a conscious culture

What audience will be ignited?

• Leaders who want to reduce a hierarchical structure inspiring collaborative cultures
• Social enterprises who want to optimize all stakeholder relationships
• Entrepreneurs who are growing their purpose driven organization and want to optimize team creativity and engagement

Keynote OR Capacity building program

We will tailor the session to meet your conference theme, your audience, and/or your organizational objectives. contact us


  • Elisa Schupp,
    "Suzanne inspired the audience to think, while engaging us in a conversation. Her highly dynamic style, flow and information all contribute to bringing the audience to the desired goal.  People leave with clear actions to take that will impact our personal and business life.”
    Elisa Schupp, Vice-President, Central Canada, Canada Newswire
  • Lia Karlos, Manager, Specialty
    “On behalf of the management team at the Canada Revenue Agency, we wish to thank you for your presentation! The feedback from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive.  Your ability to shed new light on techniques and methods needed to communicate effectively with staff was refreshing and insightful.  The audience was engaged and enjoyed the interactive nature of your presentation, “The Art of Influence”.   We appreciate the high degree of professionalism you exhibited.”
    Lia Karlos, Manager, Specialty Canadian Revenue Agency, Canada
  • Victoria Sanjana, Director of Finance and Administration
    “Suzanne Stevens invested a lot of time understanding our business and the unique challenges we face, before she began designing our training day.  Her preparation, excellent knowledge base, and well-honed communication and presentation skills made the day everything we had hoped for – and more! If you are looking for enlightening, relevant and engaging training I would highly recommend Suzanne.”
    Victoria Sanjana, Director of Finance and Administration JAZZ.FM91, Canada

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Suzanne F. Stevens, Conscious-Contribution™ Cultivator, who is a social entrepreneur, host, and philanthropist. As the founder of YouMeWe Group, (an Ignite Excellence Inc. company), she has worked with organizations on five continents since 2000. In every speaking engagement, Suzanne brings her audiences to the front row by using a customized approach, her entrepreneurial experience, vast international adventures, human observations, a slice of humor, and interactive process to get the audience to explore the what if?

Suzanne is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), who is an interactive, thought-provoking, dynamic presenter who shares strategies on how to implement conscious-contributions™ consistently for you, your company, in the community, and beyond. She transforms perspectives on how to maximize personal meaning, while attracting, engaging, and retaining colleagues, customers, and collaborators - profitably.

Suzanne ignites a culture where your contribution counts • for you • your company • your community.