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Join a one-of-a-kind women leaders' community. If you are a leader who wishes to maximize your meaning, grow your business while, having a social, economic, or environmental impact...
this community is for you!

Are you a woman leader or entrepreneur that...

  • Is looking for more meaning in your life?
  • Who owns a business that you want to grow?
  • Who wants to maximize your employees' satisfaction and performance?
  • Who feels, it is "My time"?

As a woman leader or entrepreneur, do you value...

  • Contributing to the community, locally or internationally?
  • Addressing a social, economic, or environmental gap—profitably?
  • Working with well-aligned employees, suppliers and partners?
  • Increased customer or client loyalty?
  • Exchanging ideas with established women entrepreneurs on how optimize your companies social impact?
  • Learning how to get more meaning from your life?
  • Attracting, engaging and retaining employees with well-aligned values?
  • Your employees maximizing their meaning at work?
  • Growing your business and impact?
  • Being part of a community of strategic, innovative, generous women entrepreneurs who believe they have the power to transform the communities they live in, based on how they conduct business.

If you said yes to any of the above,
join the YouMeWe community where you will receive...

strategies to cultivate, collaborate & consciously contribute

  • Exclusive access to Facebook group to discuss how to optimize impact in your life, company, and community.
  • Free and unlimited access to interviews with conscious-contribution leaders internationally on
  • Opportunity to participate in conversations with leaders having a social impact
  • Exclusive access to knowledge vault housing insights and strategies to optimize your impact and business success
  • Reduced rates for events, webinars, and online training
  • Unlimited access to archived webinars
  • Receive weWednesday weekly vlog infusion highlighting conscious-contributions™
  • Participate in selecting which women YouMeWe will invest in through #YourContributionCounts campaign
  • Opportunity to qualify for a YouMeWe contribution Award
  • and more...

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