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Suzanne F. Stevens Author, Keynote Speaker

I believe women entrepreneurs have the ability and the disposition to lead the change needed in the world — perhaps because I am one. I have interviewed and been inspired by leaders, entrepreneurs, activists, and civil servants that consciously contribute to the community.

Women entrepreneurs are naturally caring individuals, and use our power and insight to create inclusive environments. We are conscious, collaborative, and courageous.

Women entrepreneurs are people of action. And our time has come. As a women entrepreneur, leader, small business owner, or someone who wants to be a change-maker - let's gather and converge our power, to empower others. Where, why, and how we contribute can create a huge ripple effect in our lives, businesses and in the community.

Now that we got that out of the way, I set-up this page to introduce myself.

Your audience and I have a lot in common. We want more meaning in our life, and we want a roadmap on how to get it while we work.

In my early forties, I decided, having it all, wasn't having enough.  I sold everything.

Fellow woman entrepreneur

I'm the founder of the YouMeWe Social Impact Group: a social enterprise, movement, foundation, web-tv program, development company, mindset and book. We ignite a culture to make women entrepreneurs' contributions count, for you, your company, your community.

I’m a certified professional speaker (one of 65 in Canada, among 15% globally), social entrepreneur, keynote speaker, host, moderator, philanthropist, and author.

For 15 years, I was the Founder and CEO of a training company specialized in leadership, persuasive presentation, sales, negotiations, and collaboration building skills, for leaders and business professionals.

After sharing my expertise on five continents, we evolved the business and changed the name to YouMeWe Social Impact Group which also celebrates, cultivates and co-creating conscious-contributions™ to the community.

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World of difference award for women economic empowerment

I have toured over 60 counties, often taking the road less traveled. In 2011 my husband and I sold almost everything we owned and traveled through nineteen African countries interviewing over seventy African women pioneers (civil servants, activists, social entrepreneurs, educators) for This pioneering initiative and, which provides tertiary education scholarships to women in developing countries, were the catalyst for receiving a TIAW, World of Difference Award for women economic empowerment in education.

More recently, I'm honoured to receive from the Governor General of Canada, The Sovereign's Medal for Volunteers, the highest volunteer honour in Canada. In addition, my peers in the speaking community have awarded me the CAPS Philanthropy Awards.

Launch Wisdom Exchange Tv
Women entrepreneurs create social impact

In each interview, a pioneering woman shared how she consciously contributes to society, her leadership, and how to replicate her initiative. Their collective insights inspired The YouMeWe Social Impact Group. We have recently relaunched and interview women all over the world that consciously contribute - many are Women Entrepreneurs.

YouMeWe Group responds to the call for social conscious companies

In addition to delving into leaders best practices, the YouMeWe has built extensive insights on how to attract, engage, and retain colleagues, clients, and collaborators, while contributing to the community consciously and sustainably. A multitude of inspiring and actionable conscious-contribution™ messages emerge for entrepreneurs and leaders. For-profit and not-for-profit organizations benefit from customized talks to meet an organization's objectives and opportunities.

Women Entrepreneurs are courageous, caring and inclusive

I welcome a conversation about speaking at your women's event or any gathering where you want to ignite your audience's culture to have even more impact where their contributions count, for them, their company and the community!

Together we can lead the change the world wishes to see!

Conscious-Contributions™ Cultivator | | + 1 416.570.6557

Working together

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Make your contribution count: book now available. Click to learn more and spread the movement.

Keynotes customized for women entrepreneurs & leaders

Make your Contribution Count: for a thriving life, organization, and community +



Make your Contribution Count: for a thriving life, organization, and community

Clients, partners, and employees are increasingly deciding who they want to work with, and that decision goes beyond who has the best product, service, price, or talent management strategy. Stakeholders want to collaborate with an organization they trust, connect with, and whose values-align.

In a dynamic interactive presentation, Suzanne F Stevens will take the audience on a personal journey of how to weave conscious-contribution™ into their life and organization, while filling a social or environmental gap. 

Suzanne F. Stevens is a certified speaking profession (CSP), who brings 20 years of experience invigorating organizations across five continents. She delivers an educational experience that will inspire, challenge, and transform perspectives and actions on how to contribute to the community individually and collaboratively.

Through thought-provoking experiences, you are inspired to assess your contributions and choose collaborative methods to optimize your impact. Leaders and entrepreneurs gain insight into the personal and business case for collaborating with colleagues, clients, and other stakeholders to optimize consistent conscious-contributions while living your most meaningful life–sustainably!

The audience will experience:

  • How to live their most meaningful life by unleashing their compassion-connection™
  • How they can positively impact society while being profitable
  • Collaboration strategies to attract, engage and retain colleagues, customers, and other stakeholders while creating a positive ripple effect.
Believe to Your Purpose: live your why inside and out +

what's your why?

Believe to Your Purpose: live your why inside out

Purpose? Hooey. Often when we talk about purpose it is a perceived as a ‘soft’ or not tactical and is cast aside with the useless motivational mambo jumbo. Well, here is the thing, the most successful organizations, and people with the highest sense of well-being, have purpose.

When companies have purpose they attract, retain and engage well-aligned employees. When an individual discovers their purpose they design their entire career and life to live in alignment with it. Result, organizations have engaged contributors and individuals live a more meaningful life.

In anticipation of exposing your purpose, your True North, you need to believe you are on this earth in services. How you are inspired to contribute depends on many elements of your character. A way to explore your attributes and embrace them as part of your journey is first to evaluate them.

suzanne f stevens keynote speakerSuzanne F. Stevens is a certified speaking profession (CSP), who brings 20 years of experience invigorating organizations across five continents. She delivers an educational experience that will inspire, challenge, and transform perspectives and actions on how to contribute to the community individually and collaboratively.

If you want your event to take the audience on a personal journey, where they feel more focused and fulfilled tomorrow than they do today, this talk is for you.

The audience will experience:

  • How to live their most meaningful life
  • Which compassion-connection™ will serve their soul
  • Seven considerations to the most rewarding contributions to enhance personal well-being


Lead from the Inside Out: conscious leaders in action +

lead from the inside out

Lead from the Inside Out: conscious leaders in action

More organizations want to connect with the communities in which they serve. They see themselves as having a purpose, beyond generating the mighty dollar. These organizations recognize their most significant asset are their people, and the more they can engage various stakeholder in the direction of the organization, the more they will be able to fulfill the organization’s purpose and have a positive impact on the communities they serve.

There are practices that a conscious leader employs to optimize employee well-being and impact on the organization's purpose and aspirations.

suzanne f stevens keynote speakerIn this interactive presentation, Suzanne will provide insights on how to be a conscious leader and share approaches to engage their team while pursuing a common purpose collaboratively.

The audience will experience

• A reflective self assessment of the each person's leadership style
• Eight conscious leadership practices to employ to transform an organization's culture


Your Contribution Counts: from small acts to significant impacts +

Your Contribution Counts: from small acts to significant impacts

Us women, give our time, energy, insight, money, and more time, energy, insight, and money. Complaining that we don't feel appreciated is frown upon, after all, we are superwomen. But, in silence, we wonder if it's all worth the effort?

Suzanne will take the audience on a journey where they will be encouraged to stop, reflect, and celebrate their contributions. The audience is reminded that even small actions, can have a huge impact. Giving your time may not always be easy, our efforts may go unnoticed, but it is in those moments the unexpected occurs. We find out, our contribution counts.

In a high-energy, interactive presentation, you will come away reenergized knowing no matter how small an act, it can have a significant impact – now that is something to celebrate.


The audience will experience:

  • The impact of a small action
  • How to create a ripple effect
  • The importance and impact of celebrating small or large contributions
Explore your Edgeness™: the intersection of discovery and potential +

explore your edgeness

Explore Your Edgeness™
the intersection of discovery & potential

What is your Edgeness™? In order to discover it, you need to push far enough outside your comfort zone that you meet someone you never met before – an enhanced version of you. We often stay in our comfortable zone, it is secure, and we know what to expect. Here there are fewer opportunities to be judged, and less opportunity to fail. But life begins at the edge.

The place where you have not gone before is the place to explore, to experiment. To start challenging the “What if?” Questioning is just the beginning. We need to take some risks and not be prisoners to our barriers where our view is limited rather than limitless.

In an interactive presentation, Suzanne takes individuals and organizations on an adventure to challenge their perceptions of what can be achieved. She starts with encouraging the audience to look at themselves, personally and professionally. Ultimately, she challenges the audience to looking beyond their immediate circumstance and to explore their individual and organization’s edgeness™ while optimizing personal performance.

This keynote is ideal to kick off a conference as it opens people’s minds to what each person needs to get rid of, keep and add to open up to learning.

suzanne f stevens keynote speaker

The audience will experience:

  • A formula to reach personal potential that encourages:
    • Self reflect on self-limiting beliefs and move to embracing your authentic self
    • Aligning your essence with your impact at work and within the community
    • Living your most meaningful life


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What clients are saying

  • David J. Miller
    "Suzanne Stevens is a most captivating and capable business trainer and motivational speaker Suzanne is tuned to her audience, and provides exactly what is required to bring home the critical behaviour or objective.”
    David J. Miller President and Chief Operating Officer, Canada
  • Lois Shaw
    "We have often had guest lecturers and speakers visit our international college from all over the world.  The unique thing about Suzanne was her innate ability to quickly identify how a particular community works, figure out how to craft communication to be effective in that context and then show students how to use those skills.”
    Lois Shaw Africa International University (AIU) Kenya
  • Nancy Forrester
    "Suzanne herself is an excellent role model for other women and the session was a big hit!  Her presentation was engaging and the content was interesting, relevant and thought-provoking."
    Nancy Forrester Manager, IT – ERP & BW Canadian Standards Association (CSA Group) Canada
  • Robert Roy
    “Suzanne is top notch! She knows her stuff inside out. It was a pleasure to learn from her.”
    Robert Roy Account Executive Astral Media Radio, Canada
  • Elisa Schupp, Vice-President Central Canada,
    “I had the pleasure of hearing Suzanne Stevens speak at a CNW Group internal conference and at IABC luncheon. On both occasions, Suzanne inspired the audience to think, while engaging us in a conversation. Her highly dynamic style, flow and information all contribute to bringing the audience to the desired goal.  People leave with clear actions to take that will impact our personal and business life.”


    Elisa Schupp, Vice-President Central Canada, Canada Newswire
  • David R. Groobert, Senior Vice President & General Manager,
    “Suzanne Stevens is a dynamic presenter who has a unique ability to engage, motivate, and teach in a friendly and conversational manner. Suzanne can educate, enhance confidence, and bring about real change in people…regardless of their title of level of experience."


    David R. Groobert, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Environics Communications, United States
  • “Suzanne's talks are bursting with current research, relatable examples and practical ideas that I can put into action immediately.”

  • Deri Latimer
    “Suzanne thank you for a most inspiring, thought-provoking and energizing session.”
    Deri Latimer Positive Speaking
  • Nabil Doss
    “Suzanne takes you on a riveting journey to discover human genius. With respect, eloquence and a vibrating stage presence, Suzanne shares the moving stories of countless women entrepreneurs who have decided to stand-up and make a difference in our world."

    Nabil Doss
  • “Brilliant. Innovative. Captivating. A message that we all need to hear”

  • “People leave with clear actions that will impact their personal and business life.”

  • Richard Peterson
    “I enjoyed your presentation last night. Provocative, Challenging, Witty.”
    Richard Peterson
  • Jessica Cryer
    Your presentation was very inspirational. The feedback from participants was fantastic!."
    Jessica Cryer CSPN
  • David Gouthro, President
    “Suzanne is inclusive, collaborative, strong, insightful and has a warm yet powerful presence, regardless of whether she is in a one-to-one meeting or on stage in front of hundreds of people."
    David Gouthro, President The Consulting Edge
  • Gabe Batstone, CEO
    “Suzanne is a high energy, high impact professional who makes a difference.
    Gabe Batstone, CEO NGRain
  • Jennifer Smyth-Whelly Senior Director
    Suzanne is among of handful of leadership consultants that has made a significant impact on myself and others. I literally have her voice in my head, in the most positive way possible, whenever I’m preparing for an important leadership moment or presentation. While both supporting and challenging participants, she has a unique ability to unlock potential in individuals of all experience sets - CEOs to early leaders. I’ve seen her dramatically improve people’s communication skills - both verbally and non-verbally.
    Jennifer Smyth-Whelly Senior Director Business Technology at Hootsuite
  • Colleen Bannerman B.B.A, C.C.H
    Suzanne’s presentation was entertaining, inspiring, thought-proving, and engaging! It was fantastic to see and hear the reaction of the audience and how inspired everyone was. Many people commented that Suzanne’s message made them think beyond themselves to the greater contributions they may be able to make. We also incorporated a charitable jewelry extravaganza on Suzanne’s suggestion. The entire event was a huge success!
    Colleen Bannerman B.B.A, C.C.H President, Wasaga Beach Chamber of Commerce

Read more testimonials

Make a social impact with Suzanne F. Stevens

Suzanne has worked with companies on five continents since 2000. She has interviewed leaders and entrepreneurs in 21 countries and brings their personal and professional transformational insights into every talk.

Suzanne is an author, international speaker, social entrepreneur, moderator, host, and adventure traveler. She is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP - one of 65 in Canada, among 15% globally), World of Difference award recipient, Peter Legge Philanthropy Award winner, Canadian Sovereign's Medal of Volunteers recipient (highest Canadian Volunteer honour), and multi-recipient of association service awards. She is a past National President for The Canadian Association of Professional Speaker (CAPS), founder of YouMeWe Social Impact Group (,,, and YouMeWe Movement.

Make a social impact with Suzanne F. Stevens

In every keynote, session, and workshop, Suzanne brings her audiences to the front row by using a customized approach, her entrepreneurial experience, vast international adventures, interviews with leaders from 21 countries, human observations, slice of humor, and interactive process to get the audience to explore how to "make your contribution count." 

Suzanne's is an "interactive, thought-provoking, dynamic presenter" who shares strategies on how to implement conscious-contributions™ consistently for you, your company, in the community, and beyond. She transforms perspectives on how to maximize personal meaning, while attracting, engaging, and retaining colleagues, customers, and collaborators — sustainably and profitably.

Suzanne ignites a culture where your contribution counts
for •  you • me • we.

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