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Where we harness feminine power to empower you, your organization, and your community to flourish. 

Collaboratively we can make our contributions count!

If you're a woman-identified or non-binary contributor and you want more... more meaning, more connection, more growth, more social, economic and environmental impact... this one-of-a-kind community is for YOU!

Is the YouMeWe Community for you?

  • Do you want more meaning in your life?
  • Do you want to use your talents to contribute to the community locally or internationally?
  • Do you want to have an impact that creates an opportunity, not dependency, that helps and doesn't hurt?
  • Do you want to address a social, economic, or environmental gap—sustainably?
  • Do you want to collaborate or co-create with value-aligned women on a cause you care about?

  • Do you want access to strategies that will grow your organization while having a social impact?
  • Do you want to connect with diverse women across industries, experiences, cultures, countries?
  • Do you want to celebrate more and squeeze out of life all it has to offer while having some fun?
  • And do you think feminine power can transform societies?

Yes to the above? Keep reading.

Participate in the community to cultivate, collaborate and celebrate ...

The YouMeWe Community is opportunity to have meaningful conversations while having a social impact. You will maximize your meaning while collaborating and/or co-creating with value-aligned women on a cause you care about.

Leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners have a unique opportunity to collaborate with other contributors while growing your for-profit, social enterprise, or not-for-profit through having a social, economic, or environmental impact.

If you don't lead a team, but want more meaning in your life, YOU too, can make a your contribution count, by starting or participating in a Conscious-Contribution™ Circle. Each circle focusing on a different issue and beneficiary.

We invite women-identified and non-binary contributors to JOIN the YOUMEWE COMMUNITY.

What will the community provide? 

  • We will cultivate strategies and skills to have a social impact.
  • Create a collaborative environment with diverse individuals through sharing knowledge and social impact projects.
  • Your voice will count toward selecting women to invest in their education or business.
  • Share strategies to make conscious-contributions™ locally or abroad by assessing where, who, why and how of your impact.
  • We will celebrate you and your impact.
  • Local and international experts share strategies, inspiration, and tools on how to make your contribution count, for you • me • we.

Where do we collaborate?

Most collaborate will take place online, allowing for global participation. You'll have access to interviews, webinars, live events, and the one-stop sustainable social impact resource. See Membership benefits.

YouMeWe Community Mission

To establish a conscious, caring, diverse and inclusive organizations and communities where they flourish.
YouMeWe Community ethos is authenticity, consciousness, empowerment, courage, sustainability, and connection.

Let's converge our power to empower others. 

YouMeWe community: Women Leading Social Impact where you will receive...

strategies to cultivate, collaborate & consciously contribute while having a social impact

With Membership, Participate in a Conscious-Contribution™ Circle

  • Do you want to collaborate with women on a cause you care about?
  • Do you have a group of colleagues, friends, or book club that you want to contribute to the community with?
  • Do you need guidance on where, who, and how to contribute?
  • Do you want to co-create an initiative to contribute to a select beneficiary?
  • Do you want to ensure that your local or international contributions have the desired impact?
  • Do you want to hear from experts to learn how to create sustainable impact?
  • Do you want to network with women-identified leaders globally?
  • Are you a small-business owner and want to collaborate with other entrepreneurs on how to have a social impact and engage employees, collaborators, and clients?
  • Do you want to develop conscious leadership skills to benefit an initiative and your organization?
  • Do you want time for you where you can connect and contribute?

Your Circle; Your Way.

The YouMeWe Conscious-Contribution™ Circles are where you will connect with value-aligned women who want to have a social, economic or environmental impact. You can either choose to tap into the circle to collaborate or to co-create with other women. Each circle is a small group focusing on a different issue and beneficiary.

Collaborate: If you are a leader or entrepreneur, you may choose to utilize the circle to collaborate. Each member will share their wisdom and support you while incorporating a social, economic, cultural, or environmental impact into your organization. As a leader, you may choose to seek support for an initiative.

Bonus: Business owners, or leaders you will learn strategies to attract, and engage collaborators, customers and colleagues while having a social impact.

Co-Create: If you want more meaning in your life and contribute to a cause you care about, YouMeWe will facilitate introductions to other contributors who the same what we call compassion-connection (this is an issue or group of people you care about). Alternatively, you can create your own circle to cultivate, collaborate, and celebrate with the communities and experts guidance.

Regardless of whether you collaborate or co-create, you will have access to thought-leaders insights on making your contribution count.

Join The YouMeWe Community

Join the YouMeWe Community

Harness your feminine power to empower you,
your organization, and your community to flourish.

YouMeWe Community Membership Benefits

Being part of a community of strategic, innovative, generous women who believe Feminine Power will transform communities.

  • Receive the ebook and Audio book: Make Your Contribution Count for you, me, we authored by Suzanne F. Stevens.
  • Access to the Empowerment Academy to learn from leaders in business, education, volunteerism, activism, politics that have a profound social impact.
  • A global network with value-aligned women who you can share contribution ideas for your organization or co-create contribution initiative in conscious-contribution™ circles.
  • Access to the one-stop sustainable social impact resource.
  • Special rates on all events, conferences, accelerators, and training with various though-leaders – on 'how to' skills and strategies to maximize meaning, consciousness, and sustainability.
  • Opportunities to market you and your organization through our various mediums.
  • Exclusive discussion forum.
  • Free webinars and panels (with social impact and other experts).
  • Monthly circle connections and conversations (and if desire, cocktails).
  • Access to interviews with social entrepreneurs, non-profit directors, activists, leaders, politicians and educators
  • YouMeWe insights (weWednesdays).
  • Most notably, a place where you will connect, collaborate, co-create, celebrate, and cultivate your social impact.
  • What do you want in this community - your voice counts!
  • * "Contribution Fee" will benefit businesses or education for marginalized, vulnerable, or underrepresented
Join The YouMeWe Community

Join the YouMeWe Community

Harness your feminine power to empower you,
your organization, and your community to flourish.

Be a YouMeWe Contributor

As a YouMeWe's guest

  • Participate in the private Facebook Community conversations on conscious-contributions
  • Receive weWednesdays, a short vlog on strategies on how to make your contribution count
  • Receive access and invites to women who are transforming communities through commerce
  • Receive invitations to all events: conferences, accelerators, webinars
  • Be a guest for two member conscious-contribution-circle events
Be YouMeWe Community's Guest

Be YouMeWe Community's Guest

Harness your feminine power to empower you,
your organization, and your community to flourish.