YouMeWe makes first micro-loan for #MyContributionCounts Campaign

My Contribution counts Kiva investment

YouMeWe Group invests in the first, of what we hope will hundreds of micro-loans through the program. For every 25 conscious-contributions™ shared at on the MyContributionCounts page, YouMeWe Group invests $25 in an individual or group seeking a micro-loan for business or education. By lending as little as $25, we can help people around…

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#MyContributionCounts Campaign, micro-loan selection criteria

#MyContributionCounts Campaign

For every 25 conscious-contributions™ shared at on the MyContributionCounts page,  YouMeWe Group will invest $25 in an individual seeking a micro-loan for business or education through the program. Kiva provides micro-loans that change lives. By lending as little as $25, we can help people around the world create an opportunity for themselves and their…

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Are you hosting an event for entrepreneurs or leaders?

suzanne f stevens

Are you planning a meeting, conference, or event for leaders or entrepreneurs? Do they want to attract and retain employees? Gain more clients or customers? Connect with new collaborators? Increase their social impact? Or do they just want to live their most meaningful life? I can help with your event planning.

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My Contribution Counts Campaign – Spread the love

YouMeWe launched the #MyContributionCounts campaign. How does your contribution count? Have you given your time, insight, energy, or donated to community initiative? Or have you purchased a product or service because the organization is doing social good or is environmentally conscious? Or created or participated in an initiative that would have a positive impact on…

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welcome to the news feed

suzanne f stevens keynote speaker youmewe

Suzanne F. Stevens, CSP,  After 17 years changes the focus of her Speaking business – to be less about Me and more about We. Suzanne F. Stevens ignites leaders & entrepreneurs to cultivate cultures of community conscious contributions™. Suzanne is a social entrepreneur, international speaker, pioneer, host, philanthropist, and soon to be an author. In 2016, thirteen years after founding…

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Story Ideas

We would be happy to brainstorm story options with you regarding any related topics to YouMeWe and conscious contributions to society. Connect with Suzanne F. Stevens at 416.570.6557 or email and she would be happy to help to meet your deadline and/or with story ideas. Some ideas … • Is your contribution helping or…

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