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As a professional speaker, Suzanne understands that your event’s success is your success. You don’t just want an event; you want to create an experience. Your audience doesn't just want to be informed, they want to be inspired, challenged, and entertained. They want to leave with direction on how to implement. 

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Collaborating with clients since 2000

Make a social impact with Suzanne F. Stevens

Suzanne has worked with companies on five continents since 2000. She has interviewed leaders and entrepreneurs in 21 countries and brings their personal and professional transformational insights into every talk.

Suzanne is an author, international speaker, social entrepreneur, moderator, host, and adventure traveler. She is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP - one of 65 in Canada, among 15% globally), World of Difference award recipient, Peter Legge Philanthropy Award winner, Canadian Sovereign's Medal of Volunteers recipient (highest Canadian Volunteer honour), and multi-recipient of association service awards. She is a past National President for The Canadian Association of Professional Speaker (CAPS), founder of YouMeWe Social Impact Group (,,, and YouMeWe Movement.


In every keynote, session or workshop, Suzanne brings her audiences to the front row by using a customized approach, her entrepreneurial experience, vast international adventures, human observations, slice of humour, and interactive process to get the audience to explore how to "make your contribution count." 

Suzanne's is an "interactive, thought-provoking, dynamic presenter" who shares strategies on how to implement conscious-contributions™ consistently for you, your company, in the community, and beyond. She transforms perspectives on how to maximize personal meaning, while attracting, engaging, and retaining colleagues, customers, and collaborators — sustainably and profitably.

Suzanne ignites a culture where your contribution counts for you • me • we

Suzanne's F. Stevens' commitment

You don’t just want an event; you want to create an experience. Your audience doesn’t just want to listen; they want to connect and be connected. Your audience doesn't just want to be informed, they want to be inspired, challenged and provided with direction on how to implement. 

As a certified speaking professional (CSP), Suzanne F. Stevens infuses your event with an experience that will bring each audience member on a journey, on route to discovering a collaborative resolution. Her content is highly relevant to the global consciousness that is creating international dialogue. However, she takes the global perspective and tailors it to each audience member and your organizational reality.

Suzanne’s authentic nature will help to achieve a memorable experience the audience will be talking about long after the event!

We want to work alongside you to ensure your event meets the expectations of your audience. Suzanne doesn't only specialize in conscious-contribution™ but is a professional, which means she leaves nothing to chance and ensures she honours your time requirements while delivering a customized, relevant, provocative, dynamic and interactive presentation experience.

Suzanne will help pre the event to promote it, show up during the event to connect with the audience, and after the event provide insight to further on how to apply conscious-contribution™ solutions.

We look forward to starting a conversation with you on how we can collaborate during your event.

Your welcome to fill out this inquiry form so we can start our conversation with understanding some of the details. One more important element to note, if we are not the right fit, good chance we know a speaker who is. Visit the FAQ icon below to discover how to maximize your event experience with Suzanne and YouMeWe Group.

The YouMeWe Team

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Why engage Suzanne F Stevens?


  1. Suzanne has a proven track record as a highly energizing, informative and memorable keynote speaker with more than seventeen years of experience addressing diverse audiences around the world.
  2. Suzanne delivers the unexpected. We don’t know what we don’t know, and while not all audiences are asking for her message, it’s a message everyone needs to hear. Audiences are engaged through provocative thinking and energized as a result.
  3. She creates customized, relevant, provocative, dynamic and interactive presentation experiences for all audiences.
  4. Suzanne customizes her message by empowering the person in the room (whether entrepreneurs, leaders, or front-line staff), showing how their actions can create a ripple effect. The concepts lead to greater organizational, community and societal collaboration and impact.
  5. Suzanne has experience working with corporations, associations, non-profits, social enterprises within diverse industries from manufacturing to communications to finance to aerospace, and almost everything in between.
  6. She undertakes due diligence with in-depth research and client interviews prior to every conference or in-house engagement.
  7. She consistently engages audiences with her primary research, interactive nature, human observations and a slice of humour to get the audience to explore the what if?
  8. Suzanne’s authentic nature will help to achieve a memorable experience the audience will be talking about long after the event!
  9. As the 2017 National President of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS), part of the Global Speakers Federation, she is knowledgeable and respected throughout the speaking industry, if Suzanne is not the right fit, she will help you find someone who is.
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What additional ways can Suzanne add value to our event?

What additional ways can Suzanne add value to our event?


  1. Book a second presentation or session at the event with Suzanne for only $2,000 and save the time, cost, travel expenses, and logistics of hiring another speaker.
  2. If your organization is serious about conscious contributions and developing people, purchasing a copy of Suzanne’s book for each attendee will reinforce the message, infuse the attendee, and drive the culture. Clients that book Suzanne for a speaking engagement receive a discount on bulk book purchases. These books are also great gifts for your suppliers and clients as they promote the conscious-contributions™ and collaboration.
  3. Invite Suzanne to contribute in your community. She has conducted keynotes, and training sessions for charities and not-profits in several countries. Most of these sessions focus on fundraising or how to present a compelling message to various audiences or donors. You can book Suzanne the day before or day after your session, for an additional $2,000, and she will work with your charity of choice, a volunteer organization, or a sponsor of your event from one to six hours.
  4. Have Suzanne facilitate an icebreaker session to warm up your audience and get them connected with each other and the event in a fun energizing way.
  5. If having a panel discussion, consider Suzanne to facilitate it. As a seasoned facilitator and interviewer, Suzanne will draw out quality information from your panellists to benefit your audience. She creates engaging dialogue that will keep the audience learning and wondering what’s coming next.
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How does Suzanne help your event be a success?

How does Suzanne help your event be a success?

Suzanne collaborates with you to help promote a successful event. This is what she will do:

Pre-event - customized to your audience

  1. All keynotes and sessions are customized to the audience, organization, conference, and event objectives.
  2. Suzanne will provide you well in advance of your event, with an introduction, marketing material, equipment and set-up requirements.
  3. Suzanne will support you in your event promotional activities by providing a short- customized intro video, shout-outs on social media, and a pre or post newsletter article.

During Event


  1. Arrive early enough to do a sound check that is not disruptive to the event.
  2. Arrive a minimum of an hour and a half prior to speaking.
  3. If the event is a conference, Suzanne will often arrive the day before, or in plenty of time to meet the audience and listen to previous speakers to incorporate major themes. She will also attend a social gathering if appropriate.
  4. Stay after her talk to answer any further questions.
  5. Make contact information available for further discussion.
  6. Give a high-energy presentation that is thought-provoking, interactive while respecting your cultural uniqueness.
  7. Provide handouts in support of concepts shared.
  8. Stay within your schedule.

Post Event

  1. Provide a summary of key points in the talk or provide additional tools to assist with the implementation of key points and/or an article for your newsletter highlighting key points of the talk.
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Meeting Planners Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Suzanne speak for? +

How long does Suzanne speak for?

She will speak for as long as you want. Suzanne delivers keynote presentations and longer, interactive breakout sessions or training programs.

The keynote presentation can be adjusted to suit your scheduling needs, but typically lasts anywhere from 45 to 120 minutes. One hour or 90 minutes are the most common length requested by clients.

Capacity building programs can vary from a half-day to three-day experiences. For a half-day workshop, Suzanne likes to have 3 to 4 hours (the fee is the same regardless of the length) while a full-day workshop is anywhere from 5-8 hours. Three-days – is 24 hour engaging transformation experience.

An alternative is to take advantage of Suzanne’s insight at your event and engage her in both a keynote presentation and a breakout session - either the same or a completely different topic. If extensive travel is required for your event, maximizing your time makes sense, and bonus - you may not have to hire a second speaker.

We’re not sure which topic would be best for our group/objectives? +

We’re not sure which topic would be best for our group/objectives?


No problem! Based on your conference theme, audience, timing of the event, placement in your
overall schedule, and your goals, Suzanne will suggest the perfect presentation for your group.
Suzanne does customize to your audience/group/objectives, so she may ask a few questions to assess the best fit for you. However, if she or her topics are not a fit, she is happy to direct you to a speaker(s) that may meet your mandate.

How do we know if you are the right fit for our audience? +

How do we know if you are the right fit for our audience?

Suzanne prides herself in giving you her best every time. Suzanne is happy to discuss what your objectives and expectations are for your event and of the speaker. Her primary goal is to make sure she is a fit for you. Her secondary goal is making sure you are a fit for her. Suzanne wants to ensure her style and message will achieve your objectives. Suzanne will have a discussion with you so together you can evaluate if one of her keynotes will fit with organization's theme and objective.

Can we take video of the presentation? +

Can we take video of the presentation?

Thanks for asking. We appreciate you want to capture the content and share it, and we thank you for appreciating that it is content worth sharing. Due to the interactive nature of the talk, it will leave the video watcher feeling a little less than fulfilled, and we don’t want to sabotage the viewer’s experience. Also, the content is the intellectual property of YouMeWe Group and we want to preserve that. What we recommend is our video series called weWednesdays, which highlights many of the concepts we share in our training programs and keynotes. You can suggest individuals register here.

Suzanne does bring a personal photographer and videographer with her (aka – her husband and business partner). We also conduct back-of-room-sales of YouMeWe baskets and books (when available and if permitted). If this is a challenge, Suzanne is flexible.

Does Suzanne sell books or other products from the stage? +

Does Suzanne sell books or other products from the stage?

Good question, and we get it. You don’t want a hard sell, and frankly, we don't like them either. Suzanne is in the process of publishing a book, and eventually will offer it at the back of the room as a support for the concepts she covers in her talk. We promise, there will be no 10-minute sales pitch in Suzanne’s talk. What works best is the person or emcee doing the introduction mentions that there are books available at the back of the room. Often audience members like to know more, and often are disappointed if information/resources/books are not easily accessible.

You also may want to provide one for each attendee, we are happy to discuss a bulk purchase rate.

However, if you don’t want the book available, then we won’t bring it.

Suzanne has collaborated with a social enterprise in Swaziland, Africa that employs over 1,000 women. Eight-thousand people depend on this social enterprise for survival.

Suzanne often weaves in the baskets produced by this social enterprise as an example of major concepts shared. We would like to have available these hand-made baskets back of the room for purchase. The baskets are a natural complement to the overall spirit of the talk.

Organizations are are welcome to provide one for each audience member. Special pricing is available on bulk purchases. Bulk orders need to be decided early in the engagement processes, to ensure availability.

Does Suzanne travel to speak? How does she book her travel? +

Does Suzanne travel to speak? How does she book her travel?

Suzanne loves to travel to work with her clients. She has spent much of her time travelling all over the world researching, writing, and speaking about conscious-contributions.

Typically, the client books and pays for the hotel accommodation upfront. Depending on the distance traveled, there may be anywhere from 1 to 3 nights accommodation required.

We book our own airfare and always strive to find a reasonable rate. Within Canada, Suzanne books an Air Canada Flex rate and never requests a business class seat. For overseas travel, although Suzanne doesn’t require a business class seat – she appreciates it, and so will you, so she arrives rested. She will work out an arrangement to optimize being ready and raring to go for your event.

If you prefer an exact number for budgeting, we also can quote one of three ways:

  1. Quote an all-inclusive rate that would include the presentation cost plus ALL travel costs in one simple fee OR
  2. Quote a flat fee for the travel expenses on top of the presentation fee so you can see the break down AND/OR
  3. Cap the travel expenses so you know there won’t be any surprises.
Will you be flexible with your fee? +

Will Suzanne be flexible with your fee?
Suzanne donates much of her time to philanthropic initiatives: Wisdom Exchange TV & the YouMeWe Foundation

The YouMeWe Foundation focuses on investing, inspiring, and developing women leaders in emerging countries. In 2011 and 2012 Suzanne spent much of her time in Africa raising funds, providing leadership development and scholarships. All pro-bono work is quite limited, as funding and fundraising for these initiatives is a priority.

As a professional speaker, Suzanne has always maintained her fee and only will consider deviation from that fee if there is a diverse audience with marketing and impact opportunities, which are in line with the YouMeWe mandate. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your event.

We can’t afford Suzanne’s fees, any suggestions? +

We can’t afford Suzanne’s fees, any suggestions?

Depending on your goals and what you are hoping to achieve, here are a few things you may want to consider:

  • Team up with another department, business (or two or three), or an association to share the costs of bringing Suzanne into your community.
  • Look for sponsorship or cost-sharing opportunities with your partners, suppliers, and/or vendors.
  • Especially when Suzanne is traveling far, arrange to have her deliver another presentation to your charity or non-profit organization of choice as an added-value option.
  • Depending on the nature of the event, Suzanne may consider a donation to the YouMeWe Foundation, which will provide a tax receipt – in exchange for her speaking.
  • Although a live presentation always has the greatest impact, you can also:
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