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Suzanne F Stevens YouMeWe keynotes overview +

Suzanne F. Stevens, YouMeWe Keynotes Overview

Suzanne F. Stevens provides several customized keynotes and breakouts to address the biggest issue of our time. Why organizations need to contribute to society, how to do it consciously and how to make it sustainable. It is time for organizations— small or large to take the lead. The bonus— it is a good business decision. Visit keynotes for customized and breakouts.

YouMeWe Offering - Suzanne F. Stevens, CSP +

YouMeWe offering - delivered by Suzanne F. Stevens, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional)

YouMeWe Movement slam poetry +

A short youmewe movement slam poetry where world chooses love and unity by making their contributions count.

Journey through Africa - overview +

Overview - Journey through Africa - Interviews with pioneering women, speaking engagements, and adventures. You now can inquire about our work locally or abroad through

Live Your Leadership Legacy - Swaziland unique presentation +

Living Your Leadership Legacy

In Swaziland for NEDBANK:  Speaking on celebrating African women and their leadership while receiving support of their husbands. Wisdom Exchange TV unique presentation.

Speaker for your next Women entrepreneur or leadership event +

Suzanne F Stevens, Speaker for Women entrepreneur and leadership event

Women entrepreneurs are people of action. And our time has come. As a women entrepreneur, leader, small business owner, or someone who wants to be a change-maker - let's gather and converge our power, to empower others. Where, why and how we contribute can create a huge ripple effect in our lives, businesses and in the community. Let's discuss speaking at your next event. Visit for suggest talks.

What's your event objectives? +

What's your event objective?

YouMeWe Mindset +

YouMeWe Mindset

African Women Pioneers impact - highlighted in presentation +

Africa pioneering women share their proudest accomplishment as a leader of transformation. Collected during Suzanne and Mike's 20 month journey through Africa interviewing women pioneers via their backpacks. Wisdom Exchange TV unique presentation.

African Women Leaders - Strengths and Opportunities +

In this short presentation at the CCAfrica’s African Women Trade & Investment Opportunity Conference, Suzanne shares pioneering  African women’s strengths – which we all can learn from and opportunities for African women to expand their business impact. You learn more by now contact us at

UnSales Sales Session: Debunking Top Sales Perceptions +

UnSales Sales Session: Debunking Top Sales Perceptions

In this short presentation Suzanne tailors top sales perceptions in your industry and debunks them. Sharing more conversational approaches to winning more business more often. She shares the fundamentals of how to influence individuals and groups, differentiate you, your offer and your organization, while engaging more people and more business in all her debunks. You now can inquire about UnSales Sales through