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Suzanne F. Stevens, Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), is the host of a web platform TV show where socially conscious trailblazers and leaders are highlighted from all over the world who have consciously contributed to their community, country or beyond. 

Since 2011, over seventy African women pioneers have been interviewed and share their leadership lessons and how they consciously contributed to society.

Inspired by African pioneering change makers, is expanding to interview conscious-contribution™ leaders all over the world.

Let’s celebrate, learn from, and be inspired by those who have created sustainable social or environmental initiatives. []

Each show will focus on understanding:

> a Contributor’s motivation

> how they implemented their contributions

> who their contribution impacts

> the challenges

> the opportunities

> how they make initiative sustainable

> All while providing advise on how the listener can consciously contribute to have a positive social impact. is not about promoting organizations, but about individuals who saw an opportunity to fill a social or environmental gap, be it a business,  charity, volunteer, politician, educator, advocate, or philanthropist. Our primary focus will be on small businesses who want to have a BIG social impact.

Each interview will provide insight to assist the listener on how to contribute to society. This is not just a "What they did" interview, it is HOW they achieved the impact. The goal is for the listener to leave with clear insights on how to make your contribution count for you • your company • your community.


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