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By embracing the YouMeWe manifesto, you care for fellow global citizens through consistent conscious-contributions™. You have the courage to be inclusive and empower members of society through collaboration because

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YouMeWe Guiding Values

ContributionContribute to the betterment of society in line with your purpose and mission.

ConsciousnessAdhere to ethical practices while considering the impact of your decisions on the greater community.

Consistency – Implement sustainable solutions that rely on steady income generation that produces a long-term social impact.

InclusivityPromote the social, economic, and political inclusion of all in the execution of your contribution.

Care – Encourage an attitude of care and mutual respect for all stakeholders, people, and the planet.

Empowerment – Implement contributions to empower the people executing the initiative and the recipients of it.

Collaboration – Encourage open dialogue, consider all stakeholders’ perspectives, and seek partners to optimize impact.

CourageTo seek innovative solutions to optimize positive social, economic, or environmental impact.