Be someone else’s Valentine – spread the love

MyContributionCounts Campaign #YouMeWeMovement

 Happy Valentine’s Day! What an extraordinary day! A cultural and commercial celebration where socially we are put under pressure to demonstrate our love for that special someone. How about we make this Valentine’s different? Instead of focusing on one person, let’s spread the love, by making our contributions count. Now before I share how…

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Are you hosting an event for entrepreneurs or leaders?

suzanne f stevens

Are you planning a meeting, conference, or event for leaders or entrepreneurs? Do they want to attract and retain employees? Gain more clients or customers? Connect with new collaborators? Increase their social impact? Or do they just want to live their most meaningful life? I can help with your event planning.

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Do you believe in your purpose? If not, B.E.L.I.E.V.E to your purpose

Suzanne F Stevens, Believe in your passion

Part of the Explore your Why – 9 part series We have taken you through 8 elements of How to Explore your Purpose – once you discover it, the impact you can have on the community, country or beyond won’t necessarily be easy, but it will help you live your most meaningful life. As you go through…

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How can your passion empower you?

Suzanne F. Stevens, Empower your passion

Part of the Explore your Why – 9 part series The Power of Passion Since 2000, I’ve worked with organisations on how to develop communications skills to assist them in influence more people, differentiating themselves and engaging more business and teams. When conducting presentation training, I give participants an opportunity to present a topic they…

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How do your values influence your why?

Suzanne F. Stevens, Values, YouMeWe

Part of the Explore your Why – 9 part series  During my several trips to Kenya, there was one staple, a missionary couple, Lois and Dr Mark Shaw. Lois has a Masters degree in communications and the founder of Africa by Design Safaris. Mark has a Doctorate and Masters in Theology and is a professor at…

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What environment brings out your best?

Suzanne F. Stevens - Conscious Contribution

Part of the Explore your Why – 9 part series  I had the pleasure of attending a Big Brothers Big Sisters fundraising event. This international charity works with young people by providing voluntary mentors. During the event, one of the speakers explained the various roles someone can play to contribute to youth. She suggested you could…

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Have you discovered your inner strength thread?

inner strengths

Explore your Why 9 part series. Identifying, developing, and applying your natural inner strengths and abilities are essential for living your most meaningful life. Discover and apply your natural strengths to your purpose and create your own success, satisfaction, and legacy while having a positive impact on others.

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Your enjoyment can lead to what you love

Suzanne F. Stevens - Kenya Enjoy

Part of the Explore your Why – 9 part series In selecting a career, volunteering your time, or contributing to an organisation what you love will guide you, as suggested in the previous blog, however, what you enjoy, will provoke you.  During my first trip to Kenya when deciding what activities I wanted to participate in,…

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How to bring what you love into your living

youmewe basket weaving

 Part of the Explore your Why – 9 part series Sheila Freemantle, Founder of Tintsaba, a social enterprise in Swaziland, had a love for the finest traditional crafts, quality textures, and excellence. This love inspired Sheila to specialise in refined, high-quality sisal basketry weaving. Sheila was educated in societal development and African languages, and she loved…

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Contribute to whom you feel connected to

Suzanne F. Stevens - Compassion

Part of the Explore your Why – 9 part series   Why do you invest in African women’s education? Why invest in over there and not here? What is your connection to African women?   These are the questions I get asked. We provide tertiary education scholarships to women in developing countries through our YouMeWe Foundation,…

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