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Choose to Express Your Feminine Power
Calling out gender bias and inequity and celebrate women's achievements. Collectively we can create an inclusive world.

In honour of International Women's Day
Saturday, March 13, 2021 - 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET

Virtual Experience - so much more than a zoom call.

Experts from Across Canada come together
to Inspire, Empower, and Celebrate YOU!

Registration closes March 12, 2021 @ 11:59 pm ET

Join us to honour International Women's Day 2021

The YouMeWe Social Impact Group is excited to be launching the YouMeWe Community: Women Leading Social Impact with its inaugural International Women's Day event!

Theme: Choose to Express Your Feminine Power!
Calling out gender bias and inequity and celebrating women's achievements.
Collectively we can create an inclusive world.

An energizing and thought-provoking line-up of Experts from across Canada will
inspire, empower, and celebrate your feminine power!

Let's connect, converse, and contribute on our interactive online platform!
 (This is a virtual experience, not another zoom event!)

For every registrant, $20 is donated to a women's shelter located across Canada. Domestic violence has increased during COVID-19, and shelter donations are down, leaving the vulnerable more vulnerable. Let's use our power to empower women and children to access a safe haven.

BONUS: There will be prizes!

Date: Saturday, March 13, 2020
Time: 11:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m ET - Followed by a cocktail hour


Registration $79 CDN
(Secure your spot. Limited space available.)

Register to Invest in yourself, while empowering other women!


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Powerful Experts who Speak Professionally

Andrea Menard

Andrea Menard
Decolonizing Wellness Through Sacred Feminine Wisdom

Decolonizing Wellness Through Sacred Feminine Wisdom

According to Andrea’s Anishinaabe Elders, now is the time of the Rise of the Sacred Feminine. A time when we remember our interconnectedness to all of Life and gentleness and compassion begin to rise. Women are meant to lead this change. But they can’t effectively lead if they are burnt out, blind to the inequities around them, or ignoring that deep sacred call. Amplifying Wellness Through Sacred Feminine Wisdom will help you understand your inherent gifts, encourage you to speak your truth, and will raise the value you place on Indigenous and Sacred Feminine knowledge.

About Andrea Menard

Andrea Menard is an accomplished Métis performer, TEDx speaker, wellness trainer, and the founder of the Sacred Feminine Learning Lodge. She is a 5-time Gemini-nominated actress, a 15-time music award winner and her TEDx talk called “Silent No More” has reached over 126,000 views. Andrea dedicates her life and work to empowering both the Indigenous and the Feminine voice through song, story, activism, training, and healing. As seen in USA Today, Andrea is an influencer in Feminine leadership. She is an Auntie in the Indigenous Women Entrepreneur’s Lift Circle, a SHEEO activator, and was named one of WXN 2020 Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100 award winners. Andrea created her business, Sacred Feminine Learning Lodge, to help women and all-gendered people name, reclaim, and embody the qualities of the Sacred Feminine. Born in Manitoba with Métis roots originating in St. Laurent, Andrea is a proud member of the Metis Nation of Canada.

Cate Collins
The Powerhouse in you: Reclaiming your Feminine Power

The Powerhouse in you: Reclaiming your Feminine Power


Ever felt frustrated, angry or confused about how to own your power with someone or a situation? Deep down, you know the behavior is unacceptable; however, you try to convince yourself they have good qualities too, or it doesn’t happen all the time. “There are no victims, only volunteers,” according to Robert Anthony’s book, Beyond Positive Thinking. The negative toll on your body, mind and spirit when you don’t take action and reclaim your feminine power often manifests in aches and pains, low self-esteem, fatigue and, some cases, depression.

What if there was a framework or a guide to help you lead from that powerhouse place within you? That place where clarity, confidence and self-compassion reside? In this presentation, Cate will be sharing her practical and powerful four-room framework; your mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually fit rooms so you will have an even more significant positive impact in your organization, family or community.


About Cate Collins

Leadership Mindset Matters
Speaker/Retreat Facilitator//Author, Powerful Journey Consulting

Cate Collins is a recovered burned-out leader, CEO of Powerful Journey Consulting, where she provides powerhouse keynotes, training, retreats and leadership coaching. She is passionate about developing resilient leaders who want to build engaged teams and create healthier cultures. Cate is the author of her newly released book, “The Powerhouse in you: How to lead with greater resilience, courage and confidence.”  Her clients include the US Army, Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences, the Ministry of Transportation, several not-for-profit organizations and associations worldwide. Cate was handpicked to train with Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principles author has an extensive mental health background and is a member of the Canadian Association for Professional Speakers. Cate’s heart sings when she facilitates leadership or team retreats virtually or in person.

Her annual BE the Leading Lady in your own Life Retreats have been a huge success for over 10 years. Cate has been supporting women’s shelters for several years now.

Special Guest
A Domestic Violence Survivor
Joy to Be Had and Life to Be Lived”

Joy to Be Had and Life to Be Lived


Statistics state that, on average, a woman in an abusive relationship may leave seven times before finally ending the relationship. Abuse thrives underground, so unearthing the red flags and warning signs of an abusive relationship is critical to empowering women to take the steps needed to get out. Carolyn shares her experience with domestic violence and urges all of us to do our part to support and empower others on their road to freedom and recovery.

Meg Soper

Meg Soper
Celebrating women and Thriving in Times of Change

Celebrating women and Thriving in Times of Change

We all need a “lift,” and this presentation will celebrate the women who have inspired us on our life’s journey.


We are called to adapt and evolve during accelerating change and uncertainty. One thing is certain: Now - more than ever - we need a reason to Laugh! This presentation will be a humorous look at how we can build our resilience to thrive – not just survive – in times of change. It will demonstrate how we create our positive environment by being mindful of our thought patterns and how this helps lead to positive and productive interactions with the people we engage with every day.


About Meg Soper

Meg is a motivational humorist who has appeared as a keynote speaker and feature performer at conferences and corporate functions throughout North America and internationally. She inspires audiences to shift their perspective by sharing insights and ideas for self-improvement, healthy living, and humor to melt stress and strengthen relationships. As a staff nurse in the Operating Room and as a stand-up comic, Meg's experience gives her a front-line perspective on managing well in high-stress environments. Her presentations are filled with humor and practical strategies that promote health, personal resilience, and a positive mindset. She has appeared on the CBC Television Network, Women’s Television Network and Prime TV. Meg is featured in many radio programs and comedy festivals.

Dr. Natasha Williams

Dr. Natasha Williams
Dr. her/she
Aggression is Sooooo Yesterday

Aggression is Soooo Yesterday

Using assertive communication as the key to women’s empowerment.


Usually, aggressive behavior is associated with a positive attribute in males. It's perceived as strong, commanding, and persuasive.


Through psychotherapeutic intervention strategies, we guide women to understand that there is a difference between aggressive and assertive communication. You will benefit from using your empowered voice to influence your desired outcomes. 


About Dr. Natasha Williams

Radical Self Care and Self-Leadership Expert, Clinical Psychologist, Best-selling author, International Speaker. 

Dr. Natasha Williams is a Women’s Radical Self Care and Self-Leadership Expert, Clinical Psychologist, Best-selling author, International Speaker. She is the creator of the on-line masterclass “Reclaim your Superwoman-How to increase your self-confidence and find your voice, and she is the Clinical Director of Allied Psychological Services in Toronto, Canada.

Express Your Feminine Power
through connecting & conversation


Connecting Opportunities

Throughout the event, you will have the opportunity to connect with the speakers and fellow attendees. Have your voice heard and join in powerful conversations in the 'Social Lounge.'

Expand your network in one-to-one speed networking. Connect, converse, and contribute to support each other. Make your contributions count and connect on Linkedin, or exchange info to carry on the future conversation. I never thought I would like a one-to-one online networking experience. Then I did it. I made more valuable connections in 20 minutes and collaborating with several of those women six months later. Try it. You'll even get a suggested "conversation starter" for those who dislike networking. We got you!


This is secret... there will be prizes, so you'll want to stay the entire event!

Jennifer Spear
Power Under Pressure

Power Under Pressure

This changes everything. In fact, everything has changed for everyone everywhere, all at the same time. And the only thing we know for sure… is that things are going to continue to change. 

As women, more demands than ever are being placed on you and the priorities keep shifting, yet, you need to continue to perform. 

Don't worry, You got this. Neuroscience proves women are uniquely equipped to perform under pressure. 

We’ll tap into your feminine power to feel confident in chaos, composed during commotion and powerful under pressure.


About Jennifer Spear

Jennifer Spear is the President & Creative Strategist for Clean Slate Strategies          

Jennifer is a Recovering Corporate Executive, Keynote Speaker, Facilitator, Moderator, Emcee and Trainer who loves a challenge and partnering with her clients to Work UnScripted and Take Advantage of Change. Regardless of the constraints, Jennifer delivers customized experiential, engaging and practical solutions for each unique situation.

Before starting her company, Clean Slate, Jennifer was Vice President of both Human Resources and Marketing for a national retailer and understood the importance of employee and customer engagement. As a graduate of both Ivey’s Executive MBA program and Second City, Jennifer operates where the business and creative worlds collide. Jennifer has worked with diverse groups, including the Women’s Place of South Niagara, the Bank of Montreal and NASA. Jennifer sits on the Board of Directors of Meetings Mean Business Canada and the National Board of the Canadian Association for Professional Speakers. Jennifer is a member of Forbes Coaches Council and is the Author of the upcoming book “UnScripted.”

Suzanne F Stevens

Suzanne F. Stevens
Harnessing your Feminine Power to
Make Your Contribution Count

Harness Your Feminine Power to Make Your Contribution Count

Suzanne takes you on a journey to contemplate how you can contribute to society to optimize your meaning and impact. Suzanne will take you through a social impact framework for you to reflect and act. You’ll be inspired by stories of women who harnessed their feminine power to lead the change they wanted to see in the world.

You'll be encouraged to reflect on what you care about, consider who to collaborate with, and be inspired to ask: "What role can I and my organization play in making a sustainable social impact?


Suzanne F. Stevens

As the Founder of YouMeWe Social Impact Group, Suzanne F. Stevens, CSP is a conscious-contribution™ cultivator and amplifier of social contributors’ voices.

As a multi-award-winning social entrepreneur, Suzanne works with leaders and entrepreneurs to maximize their meaning and resilience by making their contrition count for them, their organization, and the community. As a result, leaders are empowered to ignite an inclusive culture while having a social impact. Strategies attract, engage, and retain colleagues, customers, and collaborators — sustainably.

Suzanne has interviewed 100s of women pioneers, trailblazers, and change-makers in 25 countries who lived their mission, had a vision, implement social strategies, and consciously make a profound impact in their community, country, or beyond. Suzanne merges her over 20 years of training leaders in influence with her years of social consciousness to transform individuals and organization perspectives on making your contribution count.

Suzanne is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), web-tv and podcast host, moderator, event producer, community builder, author (Make your contribution count for you, me, we), and founder of YouMeWe Social Impact Group, YouMeWe Movement (,, and YouMeWe Community: Women Leading Social Impact

As an adventure traveler and curious by nature, Suzanne enjoys exploring and sharing how diverse people make their contributions count.

Your Registration Supports Women's Shelters
Protecting against Domestic Violence

Interview with Julie LeBlanc, Event and Volunteer Manager from My Friend's House. Julie shares with Suzanne F. Stevens, Conscious-Contribution Cultivator and Fouder of YouMeWe Social Impact Group, the realities of violence against women and children during the pandemic.

Shelter Safe website

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Choose to Express Your Feminine Power Event