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Make Your Contribution Count 
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Want to live your most meaningful life?

Book Overview

YouMeWe - make your contribution count takes the reader on a journey to live your most meaningful life by consciously contributing to society.

  • Your contribution awareness will be heightened locally and abroad
  • You will explore strategies on how to tap into your purpose to maximize your meaning
  • You will discover tools to lead conscious-contributions™—sustainably

Create a Social Impact,
in your community or beyond

(book description)

You yearn to make a difference in others’ lives. You feel the call to throw your wisdom, energy, and time into a cause, social enterprise, or not-for-profit. You want to give.


Have you considered your giving may be hurting, not helping?


In the West, we want to fix, and the tools to repair social, economic, and environmental issues are often unconsciously selected by the ego, rather than what will benefit the whole. The strategies to correct the injustices of our time are lived by leaders who make their contribution count—every day.

Make your contribution count imports pioneering African women’s guidance to navigate how the West can integrate African cultural ethos, where we takes precedence over me. Pioneers who have endured many unimaginable circumstances harness their feminine energy to transform how to lead, contribute, consume, and structure organizations to have a social impact in their communities and beyond—sustainably.


Be transported through 17 African countries and 70 interviews along with author, Suzanne F. Stevens and her husband, Michael K. Gingerich as they backpack through a timely social evolution. Through real-life adventures, international research findings, practical strategies, and reflective questions, the author will take you on a journey to live your most meaningful life.

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