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Why engage Suzanne F Stevens?

Why engage Suzanne F. Stevens?


  1. Suzanne has a proven track record as a highly energizing, informative and memorable keynote speaker with more than seventeen years of experience addressing diverse audiences around the world.
  2. Suzanne delivers the unexpected. We don’t know what we don’t know, and while not all audiences are asking for her message, it’s a message everyone needs to hear. Audiences are engaged through provocative thinking and energized as a result.
  3. She creates tailored, relevant, provocative, dynamic and interactive presentation experiences for all audiences.
  4. Suzanne tailors her message by empowering the person in the room (whether entrepreneurs, leaders, or front-line staff), showing how their actions can create a ripple effect to impact beyond themselves. The concepts lead to greater organizational, community and societal collaboration and impact.
  5. Suzanne has experience working with associations, not-for-profits, social enterprises within diverse industries from manufacturing to communications to finance to aerospace, and almost everything in between.
  6. She undertakes due diligence with in-depth research and client interviews prior to every conference or in-house engagement.
  7. She consistently engages audiences with her primary research, interactive nature, human observations and a slice of humour to get the audience to explore the What if?
  8. Suzanne’s authentic nature will help to achieve a memorable experience the audience will be talking about long after the event!
  9. As 2017 National President of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) she is knowledgeable and respected throughout the speaking industry, if Suzanne is not the right fit, she will help you find someone who is.

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