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suzanne f stevens keynote speaker youmewe

suzanne f stevens keynote speaker youmeweSuzanne F. Stevens, CSP,  After 17 years changes the focus of her Speaking business – to be less about Me and more about We.

Suzanne F. Stevens ignites leaders & entrepreneurs to cultivate cultures of community conscious contributions™.

Suzanne is a social entrepreneur, international speaker, pioneer, host, philanthropist, and soon to be author. In 2016, thirteen years after founding and leading the Ignite Excellence Inc. Group of Initiatives as President and CEO, she rebranded the organization to the YouMeWe Group. She previous focusing on influencing, differentiating and engaging more people and more business. YouMeWe Group’s primary focus is to celebrating, cultivating and co-creating conscious contributions™.

Travelling with her husband (Michael K. Gingerich) to 17 African countries interviewing over 70 African women pioneers for WisdomExchangeTV.com inspires YouMeWe Group. This pioneering initiative and the YouMeWeFoundation.org, which provides tertiary education scholarship to women in developing countries, were the catalyst for Suzanne to receive a World of Difference Award for women economic empowerment in education.

YouMeWe Group is a social enterprise, movement, foundation, mindset and soon to be book.

As an international speaker, social entrepreneur, host, and philanthropist, Suzanne is most gratified by her investment in leaders, and watching them fill a gap in society that creates a ripple effect to impact hundreds or thousands.

…and she is most energized by travelling over 60 countries with her backpack to explore cultures, interview trailblazers and navigate the road less travelled with her husband.



TIAW awards

Suzanne is a recipient of The International Women Alliance (TIAW), World of  Difference Award in education – recognized for empowering women internationally.



CSP logoCSP – Certified Speaking Professional – this is the only earned designation for professional speakers. Only 15% of speakers have this designation internationally. 
Suzanne F. Stevens is one of only sixty-three Canadians who currently holds this designation for speaking excellence.


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