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Conscious-Contribution™ Panel Series:

Candid conversations to promote diversity, equity & inclusion at work and beyond.

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Five Panels–Five Weeks.
Gain insight from advocates, business and community leaders in five cohorts: Intersectional Feminists, the Black Community, the Asian Community, Indigenous Peoples, and People with Disabilities.

Recordings NOW Available!

YouMeWe Conscious-Contribution Panel Series: 
Candid Conversations to promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Work and Beyond 

Five 90 minute panels with advocates, business and community leaders.

Five panels conversations available:
Intersectional Feminists, the Black Community, the Asian Community,
Indigenous Peoples, and People with Disabilities.

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Panel Discussion with Intersectional Feminists
~Wednesday, June 16, 2021~

Panel Discussion 1: with Intersectional Feminists - $35
Video Recording

Jessica Khouri, Chela Inc

Jess Khouri
Feminist Business Builder, Thought
Leadership Partner, With Chela Inc. 


Jess Khouri is a feminist marketer, professor, and best-selling author whose work focuses on feminist entrepreneurship and questions the norms and narratives that directly impact millennial women in business.


She has a graduate degree in women’s studies and uses it to teach people about intersectional feminism. She helps organizations, small businesses, and millennial women entrepreneurs use feminism to create anti-oppressive, inclusive, and change-making communities and businesses. She is a thought leadership partner at With Chela Inc, where she brings feminist theories and principles into the firm’s development work.

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Kanchan Prisloo - KaPri Consulting

Kanchan Prinsloo
KaPri Consulting

Kanchan Prinsloo has worked in various senior positions for over twenty five years, Kanchan has experienced first-hand the unique pressures associated with being at the intersectionality of race and gender in a leadership role.  It is these experiences along with ongoing work, that shape Kanchan’s approach to coaching and built her practice in supporting culturally diverse leaders and organizations.


Kanchan holds a Master of Arts in Leadership, Certification in Executive Coaching and Professional Certified Coach designation with International Coaching Federation.  As the founder of KaPri Consulting Inc., she is a commitment to women of color leading from their personal power.  She has extensive diversity program training experiences internationally along with Executive Coaching practices in UK and Canada.


Her personal commitment to giving back, is steeped in ten year plus Executive Board work in UK and Canadian with organizations empowering women and children in India.  Currently she is active coaching with the Humanitarian Coaches Network supporting frontline United Nations leaders internationally.

Elisabeth Zimmermann YWCA

Elisabeth Zimmermann
Executive Director
YWCA Niagara Region

Elisabeth Zimmermann has worked for over twenty-five years in the non-profit human services sector, the last 15 years, as Executive Director of the YWCA Niagara Region, a non-profit organization working with homeless women and their families providing emergency shelter, transitional supported housing, ongoing support services and advocacy.


Elisabeth has a deep understanding of the importance of addressing poverty and the need for quality support systems to minimize the long-term impact of systemic inequalities. She has positioned the YWCA Niagara Region as a leader in addressing barriers with a women’s focussed-lens among community and government agencies.

Panel Discussion with the Black Community
~Wednesday, June 23, 2021~

Panel Discussion 2: with the Black Community - $35
Video Recording

Orlando Bowen, One Voice One Team

Orlando Bowen
One Voice, One Team Youth
Leadership International Speaker


Orlando Bowen has been introduced as ‘the George Floyd that lived”, he is a keynote speaker focused on equipping people to get off the sidelines and become difference-makers on their teams and in the lives of those around them. He is a survivor of police brutality and malicious prosecution that nearly sent him to prison for years. In light of all he has been through, he remains steadfast and committed to pouring into others.

He is a highly sought-after speaker and trainer who works with corporations, small businesses and non-profits to become powerful allies and show up in ways that are anti-racist and dismantle systems of oppression.

Empowering people to overcome adversity, find their passion and use their gifts to serve is the reason Orlando breathes. This gift has placed Orlando on hundreds of stages, boardrooms, and presentations across North and South America and has garnered him numerous awards.

Shelley Skinner., Uplift Black

Shelly Skinner
UPlift Black
Activist, Social Entrepreneur

Shelly Skinner (She/Her) is an activist, social entrepreneur, educator and community builder. With her lived experience of homelessness, racism, domestic and sexual violence and Black Queer homophobia and discrimination, she carries a story of inspirational perseverance, resiliency and dedication to the betterment of her community.


In 2020, amid a global pandemic, Shelly founded UPlift Black ( a social service agency dedicated to increasing the visibility and socio-economic development of local black communities. To combat homophobia among the Black community and to challenge misogynoir, UPlift Black is anchored in 2SLGBTQ+ inclusivity, with hopes of leading the change in what it means to be a diverse and inclusive social impact agency.

Michèle Newton, Making Change

Michèle Newton
Speaker. Expert. Advocate.


Michèle Newton is a renowned communicator turned speaker, advocate and educational consultant, driving inclusion and belonging. Building inclusion from a bi-racial perspective, Michèle’s bold, forward-thinking approach provides audiences with a new lens on inclusion and diversity. Spreading inspiration far beyond her local community, Michèle remains a social entrepreneur passionate about empowering equitable leadership and fostering dynamic conversations through her various social enterprises.

Christelle, Francois, Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce

Christelle Francois

Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce

Christelle Francois is a bilingual executive leader and businesswoman who has the pulse on entrepreneurship leaders, innovation and advocacy. She was recently appointed as the President of the Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce. Christelle possesses extensive experience as a Strategy Consultant where she specialized in developing revenue models and implementing growth metric systems for various organizations and companies.


She is the Founder of a consulting firm named Untold & Co Agency. She and her team service various clients in securing brand and government partnerships, curating digital strategies and executing 360 integrated digital campaigns. She most recently assisted in leading the 2020 Lobby Day initiative with our current Prime Minister, The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau. Christelle has volunteered and sat on the board of numerous organizations, such as Apathy is Boring and Head & Hands.

Panel Discussion with Indigenous Peoples
Wednesday, June 30, 2021~

Panel Discussion 3: with the Indigenous Peoples - $35
Video Recording

Jenny Sutherland

Jenny Sutherland
Psychotherapist, Indigenous healer &
Truth and Reconciliation Specialist

Jenny Sawanohk, Mihko-Asiniy-Kinepik-Iswew, is a proud member of Moose Cree First Nation, the Mosoniy-Illilew.  She is honoured to reside on the unceded and ancestral territory of our Algonquin kin, the traditional land and water stewards of the Ottawa area, where she owns and operates the Misiwe Ni Relations Healing Lodge. This is where she also operates her private practice, Red Stone Snake Woman, as a psychotherapist/Indigenous healer.

Jenny has an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and is a Master of Social Work graduate. She has extensive work experience in Child Welfare and Children’s Mental Health and is very passionate about Indigenous Social Work. She developed and coordinates the first of its kind programming for Indigenous youth-in-care to ensure they receive culturally sensitive and culturally competent identity-based healing opportunities. Jenny believes it is paramount that youth have access to the land, culture, elders, and traditional healers.

Birthed from this Calling, Jenny developed workshops that educate the professionals servicing Indigenous youth and their families. She provides this training on many different platforms throughout the province. Through this work, Jenny became a Truth and Reconciliation Specialist, educator, advocate, and motivational speaker.

Garry Oker,  Councillor Doig River First Nation

Garry Oker
Doig River First Nation

Garry Oker is leading the cultural programming central to implementing Doig River First Nation Community Comprehensive Plan and Community Health Plan in cooperation with the band manager and administrative team.


As a First Nations master designer, facilitator, community leader, elder and descendant of a long line of prophet's dreamers, I seek to include indigenous world views in all my projects, from cultural performances to safety training for industry. Garry works to integrate traditional knowledge within the contemporary context, honour the past's wisdom, and apply it to enrich the lives of Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. I have been marketing and promoting Dane-zaa philosophies as a multi-disciplinary artist in Canada and internationally for over 30 years.

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Sarah Cunningham, Women’s Advocacy Council

Sarah Cunningham, Women’s Advocacy Council Project Coordinator
Women & Children's Shelter of Barrie

Sarah Cunningham brings over 20 years of experience working and advocating with and for women, children and youth. Sarah is Cree from Rama First Nation with roots from Brunswick House First Nation and belongs to the Bear Clan. Sarah has worked in various capacities across the County of Simcoe and Canada with many not-for-profit organizations, Artists, the Board of Directors, government and educational institutions. Throughout her learning journey, many leaders and trail-blazing women have mentored Sarah. Sarah is passionate about organizing, collaborating and creating events to bring communities together to improve life and knowledge to create equality for our future seven generations.


Sarah provides leadership and strategic communications through her collaboration on creating new research, policies, protocols, content creation, project management, and development. She is a liaison between councils and the community to identify overlaps and gaps to bring awareness to make change. She is responsible for planning, coordinating and delivering projects, research and events to the Women’s Advocacy Council initiatives.

Panel Discussion with Asian Community
Wednesday, July 7, 2021~

Panel Discussion 4: with the Asian Community - $35
Video Recording

Jackie Wild, President Manitoba Filipino Business Council

Jackie Wild

Manitoba Filipino Business Council

Jackie Wild, Senior Community Investment Manager, TELUS & President, Manitoba Filipino Business Council


Jackie Wild is an experienced communications professional who has managed several successful community-focused projects within the non-profit, private and public sectors over the last decade. Raised in Winnipeg’s vibrant inner city, she understands our most vulnerable populations' pressing social and economic issues. Throughout her professional career, she has witnessed the incredible impact that socially-minded businesses can create through authentic and thoughtful strategic partnerships.


A champion of community building, Jackie serves as the President of the Manitoba Filipino Business Council, Community Engagement Chair of the Manitoba 150 Host Committee and Board Governor with the Manitoba Museum. She was recently named one of CBC Manitoba’s Future 40 recipients and featured on the Filipino Journal’s 20 Filipinos to Watch list.

Ben Hum, Toronto President North American Association of Asian Professionals

Ben Hum
Toronto President,North American
Association of Asian Professionals


An award-winning serial entrepreneur, Ben Hum is no stranger to the start-up world, having been involved in leadership roles with numerous early-stage companies in addition to being a community champion. Ben’s current roles include; Co-founder of oxiGEAR Corporation, Board Member at AR Medical Technologies, President of the York Region Chapter at Keiretsu Forum, Toronto Chapter President at the North American Association of Asian Professionals and Chairperson of the Youth Entrepreneur Group at the Association of Chinese Canadian Entrepreneurs.

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Marcus Wong, Councillor The District of West Vancouver

Councillor Marcus Wong
The District of West Vancouver


Councillor Wong brings to West Vancouver Council his extensive background in the strategic leadership of high-profile organizations, board governance, public policy, and community leadership. As well as being someone who grew up in West Vancouver and who still lives here, he is a strong believer in the importance of vibrant, safe, and inclusive communities.


Councillor Wong's participation supports North Shore Multicultural Society, where he has previously served as a board member. This agency offers a specialized settlement, English language services, integration, family programs, and immigrant-focused employment services. Together with his board colleagues of the most comprehensive settlement organization on the North Shore, Councillor Wong oversaw the strategic delivery of programs and services to help over 4,500 immigrants and refugees a year successfully integrate into life in Canada.

Panel Discussion with People with Disabilities
~Wednesday, July 14, 2021~

Panel Discussion 5: with People with Disabilities - $35
Video Recording

Denis Boudreau, Chief Inclusion Officer, Inklusiv Communication

Denis Boudreau
Chief Inclusion Officer
Inklusiv Communication

Not your typical shiny suit, Denis Boudreau is Founder and Chief Inclusion Officer at Inklusiv Communication. This consulting firm focuses on helping organizations empower their audiences to truly connect for over 20 years. As one of Canada’s top inclusive communications experts, Denis empowers busy professionals with powerful tools and techniques to bridge the communication gaps that can exclude up to 40% of their audience based on disabilities, ageing, and technical challenges.

Mark Wafer Disability Rights Activist

Mark Wafer
Disability Rights Activist


Mark Wafer is a disability rights activist. Until recently, he was the owner of 14 successful Tim Hortons Restaurants in Toronto. During his 25 years in business, Mark employed over 200 workers with disabilities in all areas of the operation, including senior management. At any given time, approximately 17% of the workforce identified as having a disability.


Mark is an internationally recognized expert on the economics of inclusion. He is an advisor to the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario; he is responsible for Canada’s national disability employment strategy and the reform of basic income for Canada’s disabled. He is also an Honorary Canadian Citizenship judge.


Mark has received many awards and recognition for his work, most notably from her majesty Queen Elizabeth II. He was inducted into the Canadian Disability hall of fame in 2014.


A prolific connector of people, Mark has raised almost $60m in the disability and broader non-profit sector.

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Bill Adair, Executive Director Spinal Cord Injury Canada

Bill Adair
Executive Director

Spinal Cord Injury Canada

Bill Adair has spent decades bringing Canadians with disabilities together. He believes we all have lots to learn from each other. The more we work together, the better chance we have to make changes that will benefit us all.


When asked why he is working on the Canadian Disability Benefit Initiative, Bill replied: "This is a huge opportunity. The Government of Canada has said they want to create a disability benefit. Now it is our chance to say what this benefit is going to be."


Bill is the Executive Director of Spinal Cord Injury Canada. Before this role, he spent 23 years as the Chief Executive Officer of the Ontario branch. During those years, the organization served thousands of people with spinal cord injuries and related physical disabilities. He built up the annual budget to over $10 million to support this work.


Bill is also a member of:

  • the Board of Directors of Accessibility Standards Canada

  • the Ministers Disability Advisory Group for Minister Qualtrough

  • The Advisory Group for the Canadian Human Rights Commission

"I'm involved in lots of different areas, but I want to work on the benefit," he says. "This effort will change people's lives. I'm excited to do my part to make this happen."


Bill found out about disability first-hand when he was a child. A horse threw him when he was 11 years old. His injury resulted in a three-day coma and a paralyzed arm. He recalls, "I was still the same person afterwards, but people were treating me differently because of my arm." It wasn't until Bill worked in the spinal cord injury world that he realized how close he had been to having a spinal cord injury. "I truly understand how life can change in an instant," he says.


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