We would be happy to brainstorm story options with you regarding any related topics to YouMeWe and conscious contributions to society. Connect with Suzanne F. Stevens at 416.570.6557 or email SuzanneFStevens@youmewe.ca and she would be happy to help to meet your deadline and/or with story ideas.

Some ideas …
• Is your contribution helping or hurting?
• The West can learn a thing or two from African women pioneers
• The future of WE and why you should care
• A contribution movement, where equality is at the core
Why small business has the power and should have the desire to fill social gaps
• Investing in women in tertiary education in developing countries; the best social investment


TIAW Awards Suzanne F Stevens Michael K Gingerich TIAWSuzanne F. Stevens cultivates conscious-contributions ™ to society. YouMeWe Group is inspired by interviews with pioneering African women. YouMeWe social enterprise celebrates, cultivates and co-creates the YouMeWe mindset in all keynotes, capacity building sessions, events, resources and the movement. YouMeWe focuses on making your contribution count • for you • your company • your community.




YouMeWe, we help you make your contribution count for you • your company • your community

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