Why Explore your Why?

Through my twenties, friends, family, and colleagues would often say to me: “You are one of the most driven and focused people I know.” And yet, I was discouraged.

I was reading articles about women who had transformed organisations, or who were making a massive impact on society, to later read that she didn’t have her important achievement as a goal but described it as ‘an opportunity just presented itself.’

Really? An opportunity just presented itself? People just knocked at your door and asked you to lead an international charity, cause, or organisation?

I appreciate I’m oversimplifying the work required to realise these change agents achievements. What was more of a conundrum, however, was, how is it possible for someone who knows their goal, to have more challenges achieving it, than someone who is unclear of their destination and just happens to find out they have arrived at it?

This question perplexed me for many years.

After interview over 70 African women pioneers and asking them what the catalyst for their social, political, environmental, or business achievement was – it became apparent.

They focus on living a legacy, not leaving it.

They didn’t have a goal, but a purpose.

what's your why?

What’s the difference?

Your purpose is not a destination, but rather a direction of how you live your life. Your purpose is the difference you want to make in the world – every single day.

We all have our path to explore our purpose. When we discover it, contributing never feels like work, and possibilities never feel completely obstructed. While living your purpose, manifest your desires and goals. Opportunities to realise them will appear, perhaps not in the way you intended, but in some morphed reality.

A Goal is a noun. A purpose is a verb; exploring yours provides a roadmap to living your most meaningful life. Once you discover your purpose, it will assist you to consciously making all sorts of decisions, such as:

  • How will you interact with your colleague, & clients and the checkout guy at the grocery store
  • Where will you send your children to school or
  • What community initiative will you give time & energy to
  • How you will contribute to your organisation,
  • How will you lead your team,
  • How will you show up on that team

What’s your purpose?

In five words or less, if there were one message you could share with your family, children, colleagues, and/or customers, what would it be?

Your purpose doesn’t need to be altruistic, but it does need to be authentic.

So have a goal, then release it. Live in line with your purpose will reduce your anxiety – because you won’t be focusing on a goal, but rather at one step at a time.

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Until next time, make your contributions count.

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