What if you explore your purpose?


Your purpose is where you utilize your talents and realize your potential.


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by Suzanne F. Stevens, Conscious-Contribution™ Cultivator, Amplifier of  Contributors voices, and Community Builder. Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), YouMeWe.ca

Four avenues to explore your purpose

Your purpose is the driving force that motivates you to explore and persevere. Your purpose is constant and contributes to your overall well-being, unlike happiness, which is a mood and is fleeting. There will be moments of joy and struggle, all of which are part of your purpose realized.

Our purpose is the driving force that motivates us to explore and persevere. Our purpose is constant and contributes to our overall well-being. #makeyourcontributioncount #youmewemovement Click To Tweet

Your purpose is exposed through a calling, circumstance, evolution, or conscious quest.


Purpose as a circumstance

Many people feel they have found their purpose when a circumstance, such as a tragedy occurs, and they need to fight for its resolve. When someone is grieving, they may seek a coping mechanism that makes them feel productive, as if in some way, this tragedy is a call to action. Many movements, laws, and charities have come to fruition because of a tragic circumstance and someone’s need to do something about it.


I encourage you to take the journey to explore your purpose out of the pressure of a circumstance. You’re more likely to pursue an initiative long-term that you choose than a circumstance that chooses you.


Our purpose is not a destination but the direction in which you live our life. #makeyourcontributioncount #youmewemovement Click To Tweet

Our purpose is not a destination but the direction in which you live our life. So, making your purpose a goal is not realistic; I know I tried. But what is, is exploring what it could be—some questions to guide the exploration.

Questions to explore your purpose

  1. How do you think your life would change if you were to serve a purpose?
  2. Have you received signs that you are to do something specific with your life? What signs? What were you doing when they happen?
  3. When do your best ideas emerge? What can you do more to regularly access them?


Realizing your purpose

Once you understand your purpose, you will find yourself in an alpha state — awake relaxation. Here is where your awareness expands. Ideas emerge, and creativity flows because you are calm and peaceful. People often experience this state when they are highly relaxed, such as taking a shower (so keep a pen nearby), waking up from sleep, walking in the woods, or meditating. From this alpha state, it is as if everything happens to serve your purpose.


Once we re-engage into our beta state, we are fully awake and alert. Ironically, when we need to be most creative, we produce the least original ideas. In the beta state, we can lose the feeling of surrendering to our higher purpose. As we tactically move our aspirations forward, we can become consumed with the challenges and barriers rather than our resilience and the possibilities. Although you are still conscious of your purpose, you can become laser-focused in the beta state, actually stifling progress. Allow it to guide you, not consume you.


Merging your alpha state’s enlightenment with your beta state’s strategic execution will expedite your purpose realized.


So, consider, what do you care about? Really care about? Start there, as it is the foundation to make your contribution count.


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