Resources to dive into the Asian Communities history and reality. AND Actions you can take.

Reflect, learn, appreciate, and listen to truths that have been shared for decades and acknowledge the contribution of Asian Communities to our communities.

Educate yourself on Asian history in Canada, and how to promote diversity, equity and inclusion at work and beyond. Let’s stand up with and for Asian-Canadian communities and initiatives.

Gain insight with the YouMeWe Conscious-Contribution Panel Series: candid conversation to promote diversity, equity and inclusion at work and beyond. YouMeWe hosted a panel with these three activists, business and community leaders. Their candid perspective will challenge and inspire you to make your contributions count. To purchase the recording visit: 

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Asian Community

Watch and learn the Asian Communities’ impact in Canada. #StopAsianHate – #ShareAsianLove

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Steps you can take to make your contribution count:

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Social Media

In addition to spreading awareness, try following Instagram accounts that centre around the North American Asian community. Through these accounts, you can continue to learn about what’s happening and how to get involved. Some of the accounts we like include @nextshark, @dearasianyouth @thepeahceproject, @asiansformentalhealth, and @asiangirlsunited.

Enroll in bystander intervention training

You read that right. Bystander intervention training teaches the public how to stop harassment as a bystander. Hollaback! along with Asian Americans, Advancing Justice has teamed up to offer hour-long Bystander Intervention to Stop Anti-Asian American Harassment and Xenophobia workshops. Those interested in training must pre-register online.

Check on your Asian friends

Along with asking your friends about their experiences, make sure they’re okay. Ask them if there’s anything you can do to make them feel safer. And if you’ve ever done anything that could’ve come off as offensive towards them, work to understand their perspective. We’re not calling you racist; we’re aware of microaggressions that, while seemingly innocent, can surely rub people the wrong way.


Consider donating to organizations that help the Asian community. The Asian Canadian Benevolent Association For The Elderly helps vulnerable Asian seniors in Canada. There is an Asian American and Pacific Islander Community Fund GoFundMe currently set up to help those being affected by the surge in racism and violence.

Additional places you may consider donating to include the Asian Mental Health CollectiveApex For Youth,Canadian Society for Asian Arts, and the Chinatown Foundation.


➡️National Forum on Anti-Asian Racism (Resource: The University of British Columbia) 

➡️Eight Asian-Canadian Organizations Working to #StopAsianHate

➡️BC premier speaks out against hate crimes after six Asian women killed in US attack

➡️Anti-Asian hate crime up 717% in Vancouver compared to last year

➡️The majority of Chinese-Canadians face racism as a result of pandemic: study

Interested in Politics?

Run For It! is a leadership development/training program to support Asian Canadians across Canada running for office at different levels of government (federal, provincial, municipal including school trustees).  The goal is to create and sustain a grassroots program towards nurturing Asian Canadian talent and community representation for political office in Canada.


➡️Chinese Head tax:



Solidarity commitment statement

A great way to determine if your commitments shift past performative gestures—beyond words of empathy and flag-lowering—is to input your obligations into this template.

As a ___ this week I can work in solidarity with ___ by  ______________.
As a ___ this month I can work in solidarity with ___ by ______________.
As a  ___ in the future, I can work in solidarity with ___ by ____________.

Here’s an example: As a settler, this week, I can work in solidarity with Indigenous peoples by donating to the Indian Residential School Survivors Society.



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